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Positive Psychology

Alan Rusonik, Head of School/Principal, The Toronto Heschel School

Before enrolling in this course, I held a certain level of anticipation regarding what Positive Psychology had to offer. I anticipated learning and growing, yet I could not have foreseen the profound impact it would have on me, both personally and professionally. The journey through the readings and assignments proved to be transformative, offering insights that were not only timely but deeply meaningful and applicable to my personal and professional life. 

Specifically, the capstone project served as a pivotal moment, offering us a platform to bridge theory with real-world application, allowing us to translate our newfound knowledge into tangible solutions for pertinent issues in our lives. It provided a unique opportunity to synthesize and consolidate the wealth of insights garnered throughout the course into a practical framework that could address specific challenges within our spheres of influence. The capstone project has ignited a spark within me—a fervent desire to catalyze meaningful change and make a lasting impact in the world around me. I am wholeheartedly committed to advancing my capstone project far beyond the confines of this course.

What also enhanced the experience was the sense of camaraderie within our cohort, fostering an environment of shared learning and mutual support.

However, amidst all these enriching experiences, it was the professionalism and dedication of the staff that truly stood out. The program coordinator, with her unwavering responsiveness, ensured that our administrative needs were consistently met, allowing us to focus wholeheartedly on our learning journey. Moreover, the facilitators of the course, each bringing their unique expertise to each respective module, played an instrumental role in guiding us through the course material. Their insightful reflections on our work were not only constructive but also served as pillars of encouragement, nurturing our growth and development every step of the way.

In essence, the synergy between the engaging course content, the supportive cohort environment, and the exemplary guidance of the staff collectively fostered an educational experience that exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

Dr. Richard Bolduc, Child Psychologist, Mental Health and Well-Being Lead, Special Education and Student Services

The Laurier Positive Psychology and Education certificates offer the best professional development training one could desire and more. 

In my role as a Mental Health Leader and trained Psychologist, I've learned so much in the various modules through my instructors, as well as exchanges with fellow course mates. It has been an extremely beneficial process in acquiring skills and knowledge from a servant leadership perspective within my organization and in working/growing with all.

Tracy, Career Development

The Positive Psychology program has given me a better sense of who I am and the qualities I posess which has increased my confidence.  This confidence helps me to better express myself which has had a positive impact on my relationships.  I would recommend the course and to expect to learn more than what you may think positive psychology is about - it's much more than just positive thinking, it embodies the idea (that's backed by science) of what makes us good and decent humans.  Overall an excellent program!

Judy Osborne, Registered Nurse and Clinical Instructor

"I am so delighted to be a student in the Positive Psychology program at Laurier. I have been very impressed with the organization and structure of the program. The courses are very easy to navigate and the content is very interesting and useful for both my personal and professional lives. The videos and readings are very helpful and relate well to the course objectives. The Professors are very knowledgeable, respectful and encouraging.  I find the assignments are very manageable for working professionals with busy lives.

I have been so pleased with my experience in the Positive Psychology Program that I am enrolling in the Positive Education Program shortly."

Bill Mikaluk, Constable, Firearms Compliance Initiative, Edmonton Police Service

"Well organized, thorough course. The course designer did a great job! The feedback from the instructors, as well as the continual quality discussion posts were excellent. It's completely online... no residency required. I specifically chose a Canadian offering. The price was very competitive. I was looking for a positive psychology course specifically tailored for first responders. I appreciated the reputation of Wilfrid Laurier University.

"PTSD is not uncommon in my line of work. Life "im-balance," stress, unique pressures and challenging work environments are often the norm. I found that much of the information and tools gained from this positive psychology certificate were immediately applicable to many situations and circumstances in the law enforcement world. I have shared this information with individuals in my service, often with very quick, positive results. It reinforced my positive perspective of life. I also look forward to continuing to share this information and these new insights with coworkers, family and friends into the future.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short time period. I know I will be further applying this information to my daily work life, as well as my personal life. It's a great feeling to be able to help those close to me using effective, well-researched materials and evidence based techniques and tools. Absolutely take this course! The benefits will ripple out beyond you, into your workplace, your family and your community."

Emma, Recreation Therapy Student

"Recreation therapy draws many theories from positive psychology. It is a person first field which helps an individual see past limitations to realize potential. This course has helped me learned new concepts to bring into the field and truly help the client flourish. I love the depth [this program] took me into the world of positive psychology. It has taught me a new way of looking at things in my own life. It's taught me how to approach things from a different view and honestly reflect on my personal stories. I feel as if I've been given a gift, and with the knowledge I've received I can do nothing but share it. Do it!"

Patricia Davies, Working in the Addictions, Trauma and Lifestyle Change Field

"The majority of my clients come with addiction/substance abuse issues, depression, relationship difficulties and workplaces with a negative bias, and helping them to see things differently is essential. [The program] is beneficial to those working with depression, trauma, PTSD and addictions."

Patrice Palmer (MEd, MA), Retired Teacher, Owner of Happiness@Work

"Positive psychology is relevant to my field of education in many ways. First, as a teacher, I have used the research related to growth mindset and grit to motivate students, and have also used the VIA Character Strengths Surveys in many classes. Module 3 related to Self-Care is especially important to educators.  

"Even though I have been reading about positive psychology for the last three years, much of the content provided in this course was missed on my own, e.g. self-care, high-quality connections, and stress mindsets.  

"This course will not only enhance your own well-being, but the well-being of those around you. The science of positive psychology is accessible and applicable to every aspect of our lives. This program can change lives in many positive ways."

Instructor, Postsecondary Education Field

"I have used the material from these modules to update and engage some of the training I deliver as part of my job. The feedback from the changes I made to the courses was very positive and well received. I am more confident about the language I use and more mindful of the choices I make in my personal life as a result of this program. I have already recommended this course to several people and have always indicated that if the study of positive psychology is something they are interested in digging a little deeper into this is an excellent option."

Jesse Wheeler, Family Physician, Ontario

"My journey through this course has helped me better roll with the stresses of my days, added a greater sense of meaning to the work I do, built social capital between me and my staff, and provided me with dozens of tips and frameworks that I can share with my patients.

"I experience more moments of joy now than I can ever recall having, because I'm more present in the moment, rather than jumping cognitively into the past or the future. I experience greater meaning in my work, because I've come to see it through lenses of kindness, sharing, family, connection, and community. I'm less reactive, because I've learned through meditation to take a step back from the endless stream of thoughts that flow through our minds. I'm more patient, because I can lean on strengths of humour, or open-mindedness, or persistence. I'm not as afraid to fail, because those who never fail, never grow. And I'm healthier, because I take better care of my whole self (physical, psychological, social, spiritual) than ever before.

"The volume of work each week made the program easier to integrate into my daily routine, and the online format allowed me to study when I could, right where I was (no need to travel). Highlights of the program include fantastic instructors, lively discussion with peers, and course content that you can actually use! One of the greatest features of the program is the multitude of real-world tips, tools, practices, and habits that help build one's own well-being, and the well-being of one's relationships and workplace. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the course content could be implemented in my own life to help me find more joy and be more resilient. Of course, there is a bit of theory, but the prime content is practical and actionable, and the weekly reflections help keep you thinking about how to do just that.

"No matter what you do for work, or what you're studying in school, this course will be transformative. Whether you have a background in the field, or are studying it for the first time, this is a fantastic investment in your well-being, and the well-being of those around you. You won't regret it!"

Dorothy Hyde, Executive Director, Radius Community Centre for Education and Employment Training  

“Taking this course has been a truly rewarding experience for me, both professionally and personally. Not only is there a focus on the very real and hard science behind positive psychology (neuroplasticity, biochemical responses, health and well being measures et al.), and there is a focus on the very personal, very real aspect of self-development, team development and organizational development. I also appreciated that the program was affiliated with Wilfrid Laurier University – added a value for career development and recognition.

"This course far exceeded my expectations. With our capstone project, we had an opportunity to design a project to “test drive” in the workplace. This opportunity measure has incrementally increased the significance of the course value. The worksite has gained positively in interpersonal communications, self-development motivation, organizational loyalty and overall optimism in the workplace. I have benefited from participating in this course; I have a renewed sense of purpose in my work; an appreciation and gratitude for the daily joys; and an overall strengthening of all relationships in my work and personal life. Thank you!"

Laura Park, Financial Services Industry

"A great investment in self-development and learning that has wide reaching positive impacts (at work, at home, in your community)."

Pam Bere, Psychotherapist, Western University

"This was a program that really made me feel as though I was a person of value and that my well-being was important. The instructors and content was excellent and my fellow students were insightful and supportive. This program forced me to slow down and think about what gives my life meaning, what my strengths are and what control I have to make my life better. I am going to miss this certificate and the supportive learning environment immensely."

Recent Graduate Working in the Postsecondary Education Field

"I liked that this program was online. It seemed more flexible than having specific dates I had to attend, and I could work on it a little bit every day, which works best for me and my lifestyle. The Certificate in Positive Psychology provided such practical applications to work and home life. There was material that was relevant to the workplace but so much resonated with everyday life outside of work as well. The material was presented in a variety of formats for different learnings and having the chance to engage with other people about my learning was helpful to reflect on how others are processing the material.

"Positive psychology is relevant to everything. It has changed the way that I ask questions and how I view well-being. The capstone was a practical way to synthesize learning because it was something that was required in my job anyway. I hope to build on the capstone and continue incorporating positive psychology into the way I approach work. It is a new way of thinking. I catch myself using strategies learned in the certificate program and thinking about events and other people in a new, more positive way. This program has so many practical applications and it will allow the opportunity to grow as a person, friend, an employee and a manager."

Karen Lok Yi Wong, Social Worker, British Columbia

"I really enjoyed that this course includes diverse learning materials, e.g. readings, videos, discussions, creative art and presentations.  The online aspect of this course provided me more flexibility for learning.  It also provided me an opportunity to learn from course mates all over Canada.  I am a social worker and the course has helped me to learn more about the strengths and resilience of my clients.  I am able to incorporate the material into counselling with my clients, their families and other members of my team.  It has also helped me to appreciate myself and be kind to myself more.  Our course instructor is very knowledgeable and very good at stimulating my desire to eagerly learn.  Special thanks to Sajel!"

Positive Education

Tenille, Vice-Principal/Teacher, Alberta

“I have always been interested in positivity and how it can be used within teaching.  Over the summer, an email came across my inbox about the certificate course being offered online through Wilfrid Laurier and felt it was a perfect professional development opportunity that I was looking for.

I appreciated the research, videos, as well as the like-minded individuals that I meant and communicated with over the course of the program.  The conversations and insights that each individual person brought to program allowed me to really understand, reflect and grow as an educator about what I am already doing as well as what I could be sharing and doing more of from the content and dialogue in the course.  The readings and videos allowed for me to make connections and reflections about my current practice and see the value what we have started as a division towards positive education but also simple things I could be doing to share my learning as well as the benefits of Positive Education.

As an educator, the research presented in the readings, video and through dialogue are accurate about today's society of children.  The takeaways, easy adjustments I have done in my own classroom and school have started to make a positive change; staff are engaging in conversations about my learning and I love sharing.  I have seen changes in my own students in the class, and feel Positive Education is just not another program to add to the curriculum, it is something we could easily integrate into our everyday teaching, not an add-on.  It's about changing your mindset, working together for the betterment of our students.

I have always been a reflective person as a teacher and parent, but this course really opened my eyes to what more I could be doing.  I feel this year I have enhanced my teaching and presence at the classroom and seeing results of implementing some of the learning of PE from the course. There are visual changes happening in my classroom and amongst my staff, small but changes towards positive education.

You want to make a change in you and the well-being of your students, you're already on that journey as a educator; this program enhances that change, allows you to be reflective on yourself and your teaching in a positive way.”

Michael Orchard, Character Education Leader and Primary School Teacher, China

"You will be challenged and inspired by the Certificate in Positive Education from Wilfrid Laurier University. The course is a must for anyone involved, or interested in ensuring students are equipped for life.

"If we are to truly prepare our students, then education must go beyond the academic to provide students with the tools and understanding to flourish throughout life. By drawing on the direct experience of practitioners, in the field of positive education, this course helps to unpack what that could mean and look like in practice.

"The course is delivered in an engaging format using a variety of mediums. The student interaction and tutor support is second to none. The tutor support is personal and meaningful, there is a real passion amongst those engaged with this course. The course is academically robust, relevant and directly applicable to students' life and teaching practice. The certificate is accessible to those who are new to positive education and also relevant to practitioners already familiar with the concepts. It is to be thoroughly recommended."

Kristie King, Middle School Teacher, Ontario

"I am a teacher and was so inspired and motivated to integrate aspects of positive psychology and positive education into my program. Through my capstone project, I have further developed my curriculum going forward to incorporate more of these valuable concepts. It is essential for our students to be introduced and explicitly taught positive psychology concepts to help them to become happier, more content, more emotionally intelligent human beings! These skills that they will gain will help them to build healthier relationships, perseverance, resilience, positive emotion and more!

I liked that this course was relevant. The knowledge I gained was instantly applicable to my every day life both in my professional life and in my personal life. The professor was easily accessible and quick to respond. The administrative team had great communication and also was easily accessible as well.

This course renewed my love of learning. I want to learn more. I have also learned to take some time for myself and have begun to practice mindfulness, I have started to look at life through a different lens. I think it is really going to have an impact on myself and my own children at home. You will not regret gaining the incredibly valuable knowledge and skills taught from amazing educators.”