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About the Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services (ORS) oversees all research and scholarly activity at Laurier. Our goal is to assist researchers in obtaining the resources necessary for pursuing their research activities and to help them grow their research programs. We assist Laurier researchers throughout all the stages of applying for and administering research funding, including:

  • Identifying sources of research grants, contracts and fellowship funds.
  • Assisting with grant, contract and award applications, including budget preparation and justification.
  • Advising on application strategies, procedures and deadlines.
  • Providing information regarding funding agency policies.
  • Assisting researchers in building partnerships with industry, community organizations, charitable organizations and government.
  • Assisting in matters concerning intellectual property and commercialization of research.
  • Assisting with knowledge mobilization planning in grant applications and implementing these plans in research programs.
  • Overseeing the compliance and financial reporting functions for externally funded research grants.
  • Working with Laurier’s External Relations team to communicate and publicize research.

Our office also provides support to Laurier’s Research Ethics Board, Animal Care Committee and Administrative Research review. We also ensure compliance with laboratory biosafety guidelines for research involving biohazards and radioactive materials.

Annual Reports