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Positive Psychology Certificates at Laurier

We offer two comprehensive certificates specific to the scientific evidence and applied interventions of positive psychology:

These certificates explore evidence-based best practices, supporting positive mental health and well-being in workplaces, educational settings and for personal growth and resilience. Graduates of the certificates will use validated measures and tools of well-being and tested interventions to promote optimal learning and flourishing environments. Activities, reflection journals, discussion posts, assignments and a capstone project help participants apply the different concepts and strategies to their own settings.

Format and Duration

Our Positive Psychology Certificate is a 23-week program consisting of five modules.

The Positive Education Certificate is an asynchronous addition to the Positive Psychology Certificate and allows 16 weeks for completion.

What are the Benefits of Positive Psychology?

  • demonstrates the ability to shift one's perspective
  • focuses on personal strengths
  • encourages commitment to (mental) health
  • improves the workplace; people feel appreciated and valued and therefore increase their performance
  • improves communities; positively influences the well-being of a community; helps communities to flourish and create positive bonds
  • eliminates failure; changes the way negative aspects are dealt with
  • teaches how to boost happiness in yourself and those around you
  • encourages self-care
  • builds resilience
  • helps to form quality connections

What Profession is Positive Psychology Good For?

Whether you’re a counsellor, coach, educator, business owner or entrepreneur, and whether you work in postsecondary education, the financial industry, a hospital or in virtually any industry, these certificates are for you. Our graduates come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, from all around the world, and can easily apply the principles of positive psychology to both their personal and professional life.

“This was a program that really made me feel as though I was a person of value and that my well-being was important. The instructors and content was excellent and my fellow students were insightful and supportive. This program forced me to slow down and think about what gives my life meaning, what my strengths are and what control I have to make my life better. I am going to miss this certificate and the supportive learning environment immensely.”

Pam Bere, Psychotherapist, Western University

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