Law Degree (University of Sussex, UK) and Arts Degree (Laurier)

In only six years, earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Laurier and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. Get a BA in Criminology, Human Rights and Human Diversity, Humanities with Leadership Foundations or Law and Society (Brantford campus) or Philosophy or Political Science (Waterloo campus). No LSAT entrance exam is required. In your final year, you’ll take courses that prepare you to write the national accreditation exams.

Apply Your Learning

Once at Sussex you can get involved in legal competitions to develop legal practice skills, giving you the opportunity to boost your employability and network with law firms. You can take part in these competitions in all stages of your studies. Sussex runs a range of contests, including:

  • client interviewing
  • criminal advocacy
  • mooting
  • negotiation

By taking part in these Sussex-run events, you will gain valuable experience and enhance your skills before competing at national and international levels. Sussex law students have a strong history of success in various mooting competitions in the UK and internationally.

Sussex Clinical Legal Education

The program’s range of clinical legal work also will allow you to use your developing expertise in the real world. Sussex Clinical Legal Education has links to a variety of not-for-profit legal projects and offers you the opportunity to expand your education and skills in a practical way. Some of the current legal projects include:

  • Criminal Justice Law Clinic
  • Employment Law Clinic
  • Family Law Clinic
  • Migration Law Clinic


Sussex Law School ranked in the top 100 worldwide*


percentage of the student body at Sussex who are overseas students


students attending Sussex who are Canadian LLB students

*World University Rankings, 2019


Format: full time      Duration: six years     Start: September (fall term)

OUAC codes: ULA (Political Science and Philosophy); ULC (Criminology); ULL (Human Rights and Human Diversity, Law and Society or Humanities with Leadership Foundations)
Ontario High School Admission Requirements
  • Minimum admission range: low 80s.
  • Competitive admission range based on last year’s admitted students: high 80s.
  • English at 70%.
Canadian Admission Requirements (Outside of Ontario)

Students applying to this program from a Canadian province outside of Ontario are encouraged to review our course equivalents by province chart. This chart will show you what courses from your province are equivalent to the admission requirements listed under Ontario High School Admission Requirements.

International Admission Requirements

Students applying to this program from an international curriculum are encouraged to review our curriculum-specific requirements; you must also meet all program-specific requirements listed under the Ontario High School Admission Requirements section.

English-Proficiency Requirement

Laurier's language of instruction is English, and so we may require you to provide evidence of your English proficiency to help make sure you experience success in your academic courses.

Your three most recent years of full-time education must be in English without taking any ESL (English as a Second Language) courses. If you do not meet this requirement, you must provide evidence of your English proficiency.

We reserve the right to request an English-language test from any applicant.

If you do not meet Laurier's English proficiency requirement but are academically qualified for your program, you may be eligible for a conditional offer of admission.

Laurier English and Academic Foundation (LEAF) Program

The Laurier English and Academic Foundation (LEAF) program is an academic English program for Laurier applicants who have to prove English proficiency. If you have received an offer to Laurier with a condition to meet our English- proficiency requirement, you can meet that condition by successfully completing the LEAF program.

College Pathways
College transfer students are eligible and will be considered on a case-by-case basis and admitted to the first year of their Bachelor of Arts program at Laurier. A minimum overall average of 80% in previous postsecondary studies is required for consideration.
Other Admission Requirements

Visit our admission requirements section to find specific requirements for university students, indigenous applicants, mature learners, homeschooled applicants, senior citizens, refugees, and more. 

Program Details

About the Laurier-Sussex Law Program

In this program, you'll earn an Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Laurier and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom (UK) in six years. You are guaranteed an offer of admission to Sussex’s Law School if you maintain a minimum B average (73-76%) when at Laurier.

In this innovative, competitive-entry program, you’ll have the opportunity to study alongside other high-achieving students. You’ll also have access to supports dedicated to your academic and professional success. Because the LSAT is not a requirement to study law in the UK, your focus during your first two years at Laurier can be on your studies.

Practising Law in Canada

When you return to Laurier after studying at Sussex, you will take credits to complete your undergraduate degree, which will include for-credit courses that will help prepare you for the national accreditation exams that you’ll need to write to have your international law degree recognized here in Canada. This accreditation process is a national process that is separate from Laurier and the BA degree. Learn more about practising law in Canada after graduation.

Supporting Your Journey

The Laurier-Sussex program emphasizes student support and engagement. We have dedicated faculty and staff who will help you academically and professionally while at Laurier, assist you in preparing to study abroad and stay in contact while you are in the UK. Through special workshops, events and meetings, you'll have ample opportunity to meet your Sussex peers before embarking on your studies abroad.

Program Schedule and Options

Overview of Schedule

  • The first two years of your studies will be spent at Laurier.
  • The next three years of your studies will be spent at the University of Sussex attaining your LLB.
  • Your sixth and final year you will return to Laurier to complete the requirements of your BA.

The Final Year Advantage

In your final year at Laurier, you will take courses that prepare you to write the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) exams. These are required for legal practice in Canada when a law degree is earned abroad. The final year is tailored to this unique program, so you receive academic support with the accreditation process upon returning to Canada. Learn more about practising law in Canada after graduation.

Your Sussex Years

Year 1: Start developing your legal knowledge with modules in:

  • Canadian Constitutional Law
  • Justice, Equality and Society
  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Tort
  • Public Law
Year 2: Continue building your foundation and explore new areas of legal system with modules in:
  • Business Law and Practice
  • Criminal Law
  • Equity and Trusts
  • Land Law
  • Law and Policy of the EU

Year 3: Choose from dozens of optional modules which reflect the faculty’s research expertise.

BA + LLB Pathways

The Laurier-Sussex BA+LLB pathway is available in six Laurier Honours BA programs:

The Laurier-Sussex program is also offered in combination with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, which focuses on providing you with scientific knowledge and critical inquiry skills alongside your law degree.

Tuition and Scholarships

Getting a university education is an investment in your future.

At Laurier, we take financial health seriously by providing a wide variety of funding opportunities for you throughout your degree, such as scholarships and bursaries, and by equipping you with the skills to manage your finances effectively in the years to come.

Tuition Discount for Year 1 at Sussex

Starting fall 2021, Sussex Law School is offering a 15% tuition discount to Laurier students enrolled in a Laurier-Sussex Law program. The tuition discount is for your first year at Sussex only and is worth approximately $4,600 CAD.

"This program is unique and offers a great path for those who are willing to work hard in order to obtain a law degree. It is less time than the typical process and it has the amazing opportunity to live outside of Canada and experience what life is like in Europe. [...] I came to Laurier because of my program, but I stayed because of Laurier itself. I love this school, and anyone can see how much it loves its community back."

Ally Buchanan, current LLB and BA student

"I enjoyed the challenge of a condensed workload. This program offers you the opportunity to finish both your undergraduate degree and attain a law degree in a shorter time period. Also, you gain many other cultural experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime."

Carly Slaughter, current LLB and BA student

Your Career Awaits

It’s not only about the journey; it’s about the destination. Let us help you get to where you’re going.

Here are just some examples of our graduates' destinations. What’s yours?

Sample Career Options

Note: Additional training and education may be required.

  • advocacy-government relations
  • contract specialist
  • corporate social responsibility manager
  • in-house legal counsel
  • intelligence agent
  • lawyer
  • management consultant
  • political strategist
  • trade negotiator

Support After Graduation

Alumni for life means that you have access to Career and Employment Support offered at Laurier for your entire career.

University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is a leading research-intensive university near Brighton, in the Southeast of the UK Surrounded by the South Downs National Park.

The campus combines award-winning architecture with green open spaces. The University of Sussex has more than 17,000 students. About 24% of the student body are overseas students, with more than 100 different nationalities represented.

"I cannot express what an amazing time I have been having in the UK. I have learned so much about the world, politics, law, cultures and myself, too! Studying abroad truly is a learning opportunity like no other. I experienced culture shock, which opened my eyes to life and what's happening on a global scale. This world is so huge and I want to visit and experience every part of it!"

Victoria Adams, current LLB and BA student

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