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Money Well Spent

Getting a university education is an important investment in your future, but it can be daunting when you consider the total cost. That’s why we’re here to help.

We offer funding opportunities for your first year and beyond, including automatic entrance scholarships and bursaries.

Take advantage of our money management supports and you’ll be on your way to good financial health.

Estimated First-Year Expenses

The following are estimated costs for your first year at Laurier (two terms studying full time) based on the fees for the 2023/24 academic year.

Estimated Costs to Attend Laurier1


Domestic Student Cost

International Student Cost


$6,059 – $9,999 (View a full breakdown of tuition fees by program)

$33,220 – $40,209 (View a full breakdown of tuition fees by program)

Student Fees

$1,938 – $3,781 (View a full breakdown of incidental fees and other student fees)

$2,694 – $4,537 (Includes health insurance and other student fees)

Textbooks and Supplies



Academic Subtotal

$9,497 – $15,280

$37,414 - $46,246


$7,779 – $10,926 (Waterloo: dorm or apartment style)

$8,420 – $9,019 (Brantford: apartment style only)

$7,779 – $10,926 (Waterloo: dorm or apartment style)

$8,420 – $9,019 (Brantford: apartment style only)

Meal Plans3

$2,698 – $7,220 (Waterloo)

$956 – $1,354 (Brantford)

$2,698 – $7,220 (Waterloo)

$956 – $1,354 (Brantford)




Other (Phone, Clothing, etc.)

$1,600 - $3,200

$1,600 - $3,200 

Personal Expenses Subtotal

$14,276 – $24,646

$14,276 – $24,646

Total Estimate

$23,773 – $39,926

$51,690 - $70,892


Fees subject to increase for 2025/26. This chart is an estimate only. Costs are variable depending on the student.

2 Canadian undergraduate tuition fees. Canadian tuition fees for the double-degree programs with the University of Waterloo are $9,994 for the BBA and BMath and $12,872 for the BBA and BCS for first-year students.

3 Costs variable depending on residence style and meal plan.

4 Students living in an apartment-style residence should factor in groceries.

When Are Tuition Fees Due?

Fall term fees are due in early September. Winter term fees are due in early January.

Your tuition invoice will appear online on LORIS. Look under the Student Services tab and select "View Student Invoice." Fall term tuition fees are assessed in mid-July and early August, and adding or dropping courses may change the amount owing. Winter term fees are assessed and invoiced in late November. Check your account status on LORIS at any time after the assessment date. The full amount should be paid by the due date to avoid paying late fees.

Contact Service Laurier:

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Office Location: Grand River Hall, room 202

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