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The following courses satisfy the Ontario course requirements. If you have taken a course not listed below that you believe satisfies as an equivalent course, email If you're applying from British Columbia, you should also review our list of accepted courses, which reflect recent changes made to the British Columbia high school curriculum.

Course Equivalents by Province


Admissions Requirements





Advanced Functions


Data Management1

Grade 11 Math2

Alberta, Nunavut and Northwest Territories

Five courses at level 30-1, 30, 31, or 35.

English Language Arts 30-1

Biology 30

Chemistry 30

Physics 30

Math 30-1

Math 31


Math 20-1

British Columbia and Yukon

Five academic courses at the Grade 12 level. See the accepted courses list.

English Studies 12 or English First Peoples 12

Anatomy and Physiology 12

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

Pre-Calculus 12

Calculus 12

Foundations of Math 12

Pre-Calculus 11 or Foundations of Math 11

Quebec CEGEP

One year (12 academic semester courses) in a pre-university program.

Two 603 or 604 series English courses

Two Biology courses coded 101

Two Chemistry courses coded 202

Two Physics courses coded 203

Calculus I

Calculus II or Linear Algebra




Five academic courses at the Grade 12 level.

English 40S

Biology 40S

Chemistry 40S

Physics 40S

Pre-Calculus 40S

Calculus 45S

Applied Math 40S

Applied Math 30S or Pre-Calculus 30S

New Brunswick

Six courses coded 120, 121 or 122. 

English 120, 121 or 122

Biology 121 or 122

Chemistry 121 or 122

Physics 121 or 122

Pre-Calculus A120 and B120

Calculus 120

Foundations of Math 120

Math 110 or Pre-Calculus 110

Newfoundland and Labrador

Six two-credit courses at the 3000 level.

English Language Arts 3201

Biology 3201

Chemistry 3202

Physics 3204

Math 3200

Math 3208

Math 3201

Math 2200 or 2201

Nova Scotia

Five courses at the 12 or Advanced 12 level.

English 12

Biology 12

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

Pre-Calculus 12

Calculus 12

Math 12

Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11

Prince Edward Island

Five courses at the 611 or 621 level.

English 621A

Biology 621A

Chemistry 621A

Physics 621A

Math 621B

Math 611B


Math 521A or Math 521B


Six courses at the 30 level.

English A30 and B30

Biology 30

Chemistry 30

Physics 30

Pre-Calculus 30

Calculus 30

Foundations of Math 30

Pre-Calculus 20 or Foundations of Math 20

1. Qualifies as a 4U Mathematics.

2. For Kinesiology and BA in Psychology programs only. 

Alberta, Nunavut and Northwest Territories

British Columbia and Yukon


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island



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