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Are you recruiting students to volunteer with your organization? Laurier's Career Development Centre welcomes the opportunity to post volunteer opportunities to support non-profit, charitable and publicly-funded organizations.

Post an Opportunity

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Opportunities may be submitted to the Career Development Centre to post in our Navigator online portal.

If you are a new employer, complete the employer account registration. If you have already created an account, simply click login.

Create Your Posting

Click "Post a Job" and select "Volunteer Postings." Once you complete the posting form and it has been approved, your posting is displayed to students.

Volunteer Posting Policy

The Career Development Centre has guidelines for organizations recruiting volunteers at Laurier. Review these guidelines prior to positing a position.

  • Volunteer opportunities should be with or in support of non-profit, charitable and publicly-funded organizations.
  • Volunteer postings need to outline the time commitment (e.g. one-time event, three to six months, minimum one-year commitment, etc.).
  • Organizations need to provide appropriate training volunteers, including health and safety.
  • Volunteers will not be used to replace another employee's job in the organization.
  • All volunteer postings are subject to review prior to being posted to students. Employers are notified via email when the posting is approved.
  • Any costs incurred by volunteers must be outlined in the position description.

Best Practices for Community Partners

Community Partner/Organization:

  • Provide volunteers with the orientation, supervision, training and support necessary to successfully perform their tasks.
  • Review and assess the performance of volunteers.
  • Provide volunteers with tasks that are appropriate to their skills, abilities and interests.
  • Provide information about the organization including policies and procedures.
  • Provide a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Provide the volunteer with a position description and, if applicable, a volunteer agreement which outlines expected tasks and agreed working hours.

Contact Us:

Lydia Awuah-Mensah, Program Coordinator

T: 548.889.3964