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Williams N, Hermans K, Cohen J, Declercq A, Jakda A, Downar J, et al. The interRAI CHESS scale is comparable to the palliative performance scale in predicting 90-day mortality in a palliative home care population. BMC Palliative Care. 2022;21(1):174.

Guthrie DM, Williams N, Jaiswal A, Mick P, O’Rourke HM, Pichora-Fuller MK, et al. Prevalence of sensory impairments in home care and long-term care using interRAI data from across Canada. BMC Geriatrics. 2022;22(1):944.

Guthrie DM, Williams N, Beach C, Buzath E, Cohen J, Declercq A, et al. A multi-stage process to develop quality indicators for community-based palliative care using interRAI data. PLoS One. 2022;17(4):e0266569.

Guthrie DM, Williams N, Beach C, Maxwell CJ, Mills D, Mitchell L, et al. Development and validation of Caregiver Risk Evaluation (CaRE):  A new algorithm to screen for caregiver burden. Journal of applied gerontology : the official journal of the Southern Gerontological Society. 2021;40(7):731-741.

Luymes N, Williams N, Garrison L, Goodridge D, Silveira M, Guthrie DM. “The system is well intentioned, but complicated and fallible”: Interviews with caregivers and decision makers about palliative care in Canada. BMC Palliative Care. 2021;20(1):149.

Dawn Guthrie, Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education; Department of Health Sciences; interRAI, Associate Fellow

T: 519.884.0710 x2590
Office Location: BA516 (Bricker Academic)

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