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The Edna Staebler Laurier Writer-in-Residence program is a residency for Canadian writers. We offer both shorter, visiting author opportunities and longer residencies, depending on available funds and local planning initiatives from year to year. All Canadian writers of established literary reputation in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction or drama are encouraged to apply by clicking on Applications (left side-bar)

About the Program

The writer-in-residence will receive $21,000 for a 9-week in-person residency, a compensation rate per week commensurate with Canada Council funding (e.g. approximately $2,000 per week). Nine weeks will be spent with the community at Laurier’s Waterloo campus, and one week will be devoted to Laurier’s Brantford campus community.

The full-time position requires 40% of the author’s time (approximately 15-20 hours) to be spent on community programs or projects on Laurier's two campuses, leaving 60% of the work week available for the writer’s own creative projects. Community programs and projects include:

  • Reading manuscripts and consulting with students and the public;
  • Class visits;
  • Giving readings and lectures;
  • Leading workshops; or
  • Participating in similar community programming in Brantford and Kitchener-Waterloo.

"O dear, I must learn to express myself. I just can't say things concisely and in a way that anyone might understand. Expression is what I absolutely lack. I'm sure I can appreciate it in others. I think art is really just expression and I can't express myself any way at all. I s'pose I'm not artistic... what the devil am I anyway?"

from Must Write: Edna Staebler's Diaries

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