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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Maria Cantalini-Williams
Dean, Faculty of Education

Steve Sider
Associate Dean, Faculty of Education
International Education Studies Program Coordinator; Director, CLRiE

Full-Time Faculty

Avis Beek
Assistant Professor
EM202, EU415I, INED104, INED204, INED301

Dawn Buzza
Professor (on administrative leave until June 30, 2022)

Kathleen Clarke
Assistant Professor
EU540, EU598

Ardavan Eizadirad
Assistant Professor
EU414I, EU414P, EU489 P&I, INED201

Carolyn FitzGerald
Assistant Professor
Graduate Program Coordinator
EU492 P&I, EU504, EU535, EU598

Jennifer Holm
Assistant Professor
Bachelor of Education Program Coordinator; Minor in Education Program Coordinator
EU418, EU419

Cathy Miyata
Assistant Professor
EU425, EU426, EU505, INED203

Julie Mueller

Steve Sider
Professor, Associate Dean
International Education Studies Program Coordinator; Director, CLRiE
EU489 P&I, EU490, EU514, EU515, INED103

Jennifer Straub
Assistant Professor
EM202, EU482 P&I, EU485 P&I, EU487 P&I 

Contract Teaching Staff

Amy Beamer

Marguerite Campbell
Field Supervisor, EU426(B,CC), EU427(D), EU486I(D) 

Vince Campolongo
Field Supervisor

Kelly Fran Davis
EU493I(B), EU493P(D)

Anne Facey
EU423I(C,CC), EU423P(A,AA)

Andrew Finoro
Field Supervisor, EU440(M), EU456(E,ME), EU480(F,MA)

Erica Gillespie

Wendy Goulden
EU425(AA), EU439(A,AA)

Liz Grant
EU422I(C,CC), EU422P(A,AA), EU467(MT)

Judy Halpern
EM202(OC2), EU415P(A,AA), EU433(M)

Duane Heide

Rhonda Hewer

Susan Hunt
Field Supervisor, EU456(MF), EU480(MC)

Sean Jackson

Grace Karram Stephenson

Erin Keith

Heather Kruis
Field Supervisor

Michelle Lang
EU419(CC), EU420(D)

Rachael Lewitzky

Tim Lowenberger
Field Supervisor

Ian Mann
Field Supervisor, EU457 (M2)

Mary Marshall
Field Supervisor

Michelle McCann

Angela Mercier
Field Supervisor

Leslie Newman
Field Supervisor

Sharon Newmaster

Robin Persad
EM203(OC1, OC4)

Lois Peterson
Field Supervisor

Anna Polotskaia

Anna Rumin

Nancy Sabo
Field Supervisor

Nadeem Saqlain
EM202(OC1, OC4)

Dave Shorey

Paul Smith
Field Supervisor, EU444(M), EU486P(B)

Kelly Snow
EU481I(MC), EU481P(MA), EU495(B,D)

Geoff Suderman-Gladwell
Field Supervisor

Rana Tamim

Kate Wendling
Field Supervisor

Colleen Willard-Holt

Amanda Williams-Yeagers

Mark Zonneveld
Field Supervisor


Bruce Alexander
Field Experience Officer / AQ Principal

Michelle Baker
Senior Administrative Officer

Tanya Diriye
Faculty Assistant

Malinga Perera Maddumage
Financial Analyst

Katelyn Leece
Program Coordinator, Centre for Leading Research in Education

Taylor Marks
International Education Studies Program Administrator

Laurie Minor
Program Assistant: B.Ed./Education Minor

Heather Redden-Greer
Administrative Assistant

Gary Slater
Manager of Experiential Learning: Education

Ursula Wolfe
Coordinator, Graduate Program Administration


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