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Block Transfer Agreement: General Arts and Science College Diplomas

Graduates from a two-year general Arts and Science diploma program can apply to Film Studies within the Faculty of Arts on Laurier’s Waterloo campus. To be considered for admission to the Faculty of Arts, graduates must have an overall average of 75% in their program, as well as have achieved a minimum of 60% in a 4U English course or equivalent.

Transfer students admitted into our Film Studies program based on these requirements will be granted 6.0 credits towards their Laurier degree. Students taking a typical full-time course load (5.0 credits per academic year) will take approximately three years to complete their four-year honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

To graduate with your BA in Film Studies, you will need to complete the following courses at Laurier:

Film Studies Required Courses

  • FS240: Film History to 1950
  • FS241: Film History since 1950
  • FS341: Film Theory to 1968
  • FS342: Film Theory Since 1968
  • 1.0 FS credit at the 400-level

Two of:

  • FS101: Film and Narrative
  • FS102: Film and the Image
  • FS103: Film and Genre

Two of:

  • FS238: Bollywood Film
  • FS239: Japanese Film
  • FS244: Canadian Film
  • FS246: German Film
  • FS250: French Film
  • FS301: Contemporary European Film
  • FS330: Italian Film
  • FS333: East Asian Film
  • FS355: Indigenous Film
  • FS360: World Cinemas
  • FS365: Spanish Film


9.0 additional credits from any combination of the following:

  • 4.0 – 9.0 additional credits in Film Studies at any level*
  • 0.0 – 0.5 elective credits in English at the 200- to 400-level
  • 0.0 – 4.5 elective credits in any discipline at any level**

*Note: Of the 10.0 required Film Studies credits, a maximum of 1.0 credits may be at the 100-level.

**Note: A maximum of 6.0 100-level credits and 14.0 Film Studies credits are allowed in total, including required courses, electives and transfer credits (typically 3.0 of the transfer credits granted through this agreement are at the 100-level).

Pursuing an “In Combination” Degree

Transfer students also have the option of completing a degree in Film Studies in combination with another honours BA program. This secondary major can be declared at the end of your first year at Laurier. The details of this combined degree and its unique requirements should be discussed with an academic advisor prior to registering for courses.

Pursuing a Management Option

As a transfer student, you can also apply to add a Management Option (offered by the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics) to your honours BA degree. You can apply to this option on your initial application to transfer into Laurier’s Faculty of Arts. Details of this option and its eligibility requirements (including minimum grades for course progression) should be discussed with an academic advisor.

Management Option Required Courses

The Management Option is 4.0 credits total:

  • BU111: Understanding the Business Environment
  • BU127: Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • BU223: Fundamentals of Finance
  • BU225: Fundamentals of Operations
  • BU352: Introduction to Marketing Management
  • BU354: Human Resources Management
  • 0.5 credit from a list of approved statistics and research courses
  • One of:
    • EC120: Introduction to Microeconomics
    • EC140: Introduction to Macroeconomics

Learn More About Transferring to Laurier

If you have additional questions about your transition to Laurier, financial aid for transfer students or transfer credit evaluation, visit our transfer students website. If you are interested in transferring into this program with an academic history different than what is outlined above, apply using the 105 application form and your transfer credits will be assessed on an individual basis and reported to you, along with your offer letter, upon admission to Laurier.

Note: Not all program requirements are reflected in these pathway descriptions. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all academic program and course requirements have been met. Refer to regulations in the academic calendar and connect with an academic advisor once you have accepted your offer.


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