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A Degree Designed For You

Whether you come to Laurier knowing exactly where you’re headed in your career, or you get inspired mid-degree by an aspect of your studies, there are lots of ways you can customize your degree to fuel your passions, elevate your resumé and broaden your perspectives.

From concentrations, to minors, to options, these opportunities let you use the elective courses within your degree to dive deeper into niche topics within your field, or explore the intersection of your program and another. Customizing your degree not only enhances your ability to understand and apply what you’re learning, but it increases your credibility if you pursue a career in that area in the future.

Concentrations and Specializations

Dive deeper into your program by taking a minimum of three courses in a niche aspect of study. These courses typically count towards the course requirements for your major, too. You can check out a few popular concentrations/specializations below. Once enrolled at Laurier, connect with an Academic Advisor to discuss which specializations are available to you in your program.

Sample Concentrations

Add Education
To Your Degree

Get a head-start on a career in education. Develop the teaching skills you need through hands-on experiences and future-focused courses offered through Laurier’s Teaching Option or Education Minor.


A minor is a secondary area of concentration in a subject different from your honours program. Most of our honours programs can be taken as minors, so there are many options for you to expand your learning in other areas of interest. In addition to our regular program minors, we offer some specialty minors with career-focused learning goals. You can check out a few popular minors (and find the full list!) below.

View our full list of minors available.

Sample Minors


An option is basically an enhanced minor that you can incorporate into your degree program. Options range from six to 10 courses and tend to help you explore different applications of your learning. You’ll find a few of our most popular and unique options (and the full list!) below.

View our full list of options available.

Sample Options

Note: Some options and minors are only available at our Brantford campus and some are only available at our Waterloo campus. Not all options and minors can be added to every program.