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This series of micro-credentials gives educators much needed tools to support young people experiencing mental health challenges and strengthen the mental well-being of all children and youth in their care. 

With the identification of mental health issues on the rise, educators need professional development and training opportunities that address mental health and how it impacts students and the learning environment. Developed in partnership with Continuing Education and the Faculty of Education, this series of micro-credentials provides educators and related professionals with the opportunity to develop skills, strategies, and resources to support children and youth mental health.

Join over 300 teachers, school administrators, school paraprofessionals and coaches who have learned how to respond, support, and appropriately refer students who may be struggling with these issues.

Who Should Participate?

Those wishing to register should have group, classroom or administrative responsibilities within an educational context, or have their Bachelor of Education. Interested paraprofessionals may contact Carolyn FitzGerald regarding their suitability for the certificate.


Free introductory session:  Introduction to Children and Youth Mental Health: Skills for Educators



Tracy Eagle

Educational Assistant, Grand Erie and Halton Boards

"I have seen kids struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation and suicidal ideation. Mental health greatly impacts their daily functioning and can have a significant effect on their school attendance and performance."

Alysa Vanka

Elementary Teacher, Brantford

"This course has opened my eyes to the many struggles our students face as well as how their illnesses affect their abilities to function in the classroom. ...I feel much better prepared to meet the needs of my students, both academically and emotionally."

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Mental Health Skills for Educators: Children and Youth Micro-credentials