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Additional Qualification (AQ) courses are a combination of face-to-face or live streaming classroom hours plus online hours. Distribution of these hours varies from course to course to suit learning styles and schedules. Classroom hours provide immediate feedback and answers to questions in a personalized learning environment. Online components allow participants to structure their learning around individual commitments and in a convenient location.

Browse our currently offered AQ courses and register for the courses you require.


Payment and Refunds

Payment will be processed at the time of registration. Applicants will receive a full refund minus a 15% administration fee if they withdraw from an AQ course up to and including the first day of course. After the first day, no refund will be provided.  

Receipts / Income Tax Forms

You may print a receipt at the end of the online registration process. Please note that this receipt cannot be used for Income Tax purposes.

In February, T2202A tax forms are mailed to the address that was used at the time of course registration using Destiny One. If your address changes, please update your profile on Destiny One.

Course Confirmation and Information

Within five business days of registering online, you will receive an email from the AQ office confirming that your registration has been received. All correspondence will be sent to the mailing and email address that you provided at registration so please notify the AQ office if there are any changes to this information.

Courses run based on sufficient registration numbers. Shortly after registration closes, you will receive an email letting you know if your course is running. If it is, you will receive follow-up emails with location information or classroom link, the student handbook and contact information for your instructor.

Confirmation of Teaching Experience

The Confirmation of Teaching Experience Form is required for part 2 and specialist courses. You should allow sufficient time for the form to be completed by your supervisory officer and submitted to the AQ office well in advance of the start date of the course. This process can take a number of weeks. You will be registered with condition until that time and cannot begin the course if this document is not on file with the AQ office. A new form is required for each part two or specialist course. Forms from previous courses cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.

Laurier Bachelor of Education Alumni Discount

Graduates of the Laurier Faculty of Education's BEd program are eligible to receive a $50 alumni discount.


Contact employers or professional associations directly regarding the application process for subsidies. A Statement of Results and Official Transcript of Laurier AQ courses will be mailed to you once the course is complete. These documents can be used to confirm that you have successfully completed the AQ course in order to apply for subsidies.

Eligibility for an AQ course

Please note that it is the responsibility of the AQ applicant to ensure that they are eligible to take an AQ course and have it added to their OCT record.  If you are uncertain about this, please contact the Ontario College of Teachers for clarification.

Update or Withdraw from Courses

To update your registration or withdraw from an AQ course, contact  Please see refund policies in the Payment and Refunds section.

Course Completion Confirmation

Once a course is completed, the AQ office will mail you a Statement of Results which indicates your grade and a sealed copy of your Official AQ Transcript which outlines the AQ courses that you have sucessfully completed through the Laurier AQ program.  A request will be submitted to OCT on your behalf to add the course to your record.

Documentation Requests

Transcript Requests

Please contact the AQ Office at to request an Official Transcript which documents AQ courses taken through the Laurier AQ program.

Note: The Faculty of Education is not responsible for transcripts lost or delayed in the mail.

Confirmation of Completion Letter Request

If you require a letter confirming the completion of a course before your course appears on your Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) record, fill out the AQ Course Confirmation of Completion Letter Request Form.

OCT Accredited Courses Offered by the Laurier AQ Program

The Laurier AQ program does not offer all of the listed courses during every session.  Browse our currently offered AQ courses and register for the courses you require.

Schedule D

  • First Nations, Métis And Inuit Peoples: Understanding Traditional Teachings, Histories, Current Issues And Cultures Part 1, Part 2
  • French as a Second Language Part 1
  • Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction Part 1
  • Mathematics Primary/Junior Part 1
  • Religious Education in Catholic Schools Part 1, Part 2
  • Special Education Part 1, Part 2, Specialist





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