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The Canadian Islamophobia Industry Research Project team developed fact sheets on Islamophobia in Canada as part of a partnership with the Bridge Initiative at Georgetown University.

The team developed factsheets on the following topics:

  • Motion 103 (M-103)
  • The Quebec Massacre
  • Polls on Islam, Muslims and Islamophobia in Canada
  • Soldiers of Odin
  • Ron Bannerji and the Hindu Advocacy Group
  • Tarek Fatah
  • Faith Goldy
  • Rise Canada
  • The Jewish Defense League
  • Kevin Johnston
  • Christine Douglass-Williams

This laid the ground work for the broader project mapping the Canadian Islamophobia industry in Canada.



The Canadian Islamophobia Industry Research Project is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

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Jasmin Zine, Lead Researcher