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University may mean living on your own, but it doesn’t mean you’ve got to fend for yourself. Whether you need help with finances, counselling or a doctor’s appointment, we’ve got resources for every dimension of wellness. Our goal is to provide you with seamless, coordinated care and collaborative services.

Physical Health

There's a strong relationship between healthy bodies and healthy minds.

In addition to our health services, we offer programming that deals with other aspects of your physical health, including nutrition, exercise and sleep – all things that affect student success.

Emotional and Mental Health

Mental health is a continuum, and you may find yourself in different places on that continuum throughout your university career. We recognize the need for unique supports that help you no matter what point you're at on your mental health continuum.

For students with ongoing or first-time mental health challenges, we have a mental health nurse and case manager. We also have a Mental Health Education Group that works to develop strategic initiatives that empower students to create innovative, peer-to-peer mental health programming.

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is an important element of your overall health, because students experiencing financial challenges may experience elevated anxiety and stress.

It's our goal to assist all Laurier students in becoming more financially literate and educated.

Safety and Security

With special constables conducting foot, bike and vehicle patrols of our campuses around the clock, and video surveillance cameras monitoring many of our buildings, student safety is our priority. We also offer a mobile safety application, SAFEHawk.

Both campuses offer a safewalk service, Foot Patrol, provided by student volunteers to ensure you get home safely. Foot Patrol provides thousands of safe walks home every year. No walk is too short or too long!

For Student Life Staff and Administrative Staff

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