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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

The Consumer Research Laboratory is a state-of-the art facility and is a part of the Canada Research Chair (Tier II) awarded to Wilfrid Laurier University faculty member Tripat Gill. The lab enables our marketing faculty and graduate students at Laurier to conduct high-quality, controlled research, in a dedicated space.

The lab was officially opened on Nov. 28, 2012 and has been funded by grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario Research Fund and Wilfrid Laurier University. With grants totalling almost $95,000, this lab has been designed for experimental studies, online data collection and analysis, and much more.


lab equipmentThe laboratory is equipped with 20 computer terminals, which include Qualtrics software for study design and survey-based, online data collection. The terminals also include MediaLab software for designing studies and measuring response times to specific tasks, as well as SPSS software for data analysis. Equipment to record thought protocols as well as a small break-out room with a one-way mirror provides for focus groups, interviews and other tasks relevant to research studies.


Any research conducted in the lab must be registered at the lab before its implementation. The director of the lab and lab administrator must approve the use of the space and its resources before any project is implemented. To reserve space in the lab, please contact Tripat Gill at Note: Priority will be given to Marketing faculty in the Lazaridis school of Business and Economics.

All research conducted in the lab must have received prior ethics approval from the Laurier Research Ethics Board

Research Projects

Consumer Behaviour and Brand Management

  • The Effect of Dominance vs. Prestige in Status Signalling
    • Researchers: Shirish Panchal (PhD student, Marketing), Tripat Gill
  • The Role of Ethnic Stereotypes in the Evaluation of Services
    • Supported by: SSHRC Insight Development Grant.
    • Researchers: Tripat Gill, Chatura Ranaweera, Hae Joo Kim, Monica El Gamal (PhD student, Psychology), Leila Kamali (PhD student, Marketing)
  • Effect of Priming Related Concepts on Brand / Product Preference
    • Researchers: Tripat Gill, Monica ElGamal (PhD student, Psychology)
  • Sex Differences in Framing Effects: An Evolutionary Psychology Perspective
    • Researchers: Tripat Gill, Gad Saad (Concordia University)
  • Background Color of Websites and Risk Perception in Online Purchases
    • Researchers: Tripat Gill, Hamed Mehrabi (PhD student, Marketing)
  • Effects of Price and Quantity Restrictions on Consumption Pleasure
    • Researchers: Zhenfeng Ma, Tripat Gill

Innovation and New Product Adoption

  • Effect of Emotions on New Product Adoption
    • Supported by: SSHRC Insight Grant (2017-2021)
    • Researchers: Tripat Gill, Zhenfeng Ma, Ping Zhao
  • Effect of Innovation Locus on New Product Adoption
    • Supported by: SSHRC Insight Development Grant and the Marketing Science Institute
    • Researchers: Zhenfeng Ma, Tripat Gill, Ying Jiang (UOIT)
  • Counter-Stereotypical Products: Adoption Barriers and Marketing Strategies
    • Supported by: SSHRC General Grant
    • Researchers: Tripat Gill, Jing Lei (University of Melbourne)

Consumer Health and Welfare

  • Portion-Size Options and Food (Over) Consumption
    • Researchers: Tripat Gill, Jing Lei (University of Melbourne)
  • Consumer Financial Decision Making: Biases and Advice
    • Researchers: Tripat Gill, David Lewis (PhD student, Marketing)

Self-Concept and Social Interactions

  • Effect of Self-Awareness on Brand perceptions in Social Media
    • Researchers: Claudia Iglesias (PhD student, Marketing), Grant Packard
  • Compensatory Knowledge Signaling in Consumer Word-of-Mouth
    • Researchers: Grant Packard, David Wooten (University of Michigan)
  • Beyond Truth and Lies: Evasion as a Response to Unfavorable Social Comparisons
    • Researchers: Christine Kang (University of Michigan), Grant Packard, David Wooten (University of Michigan)
  • No Idle Boast: Consumer Responses to Self-Enhancing Sources of Word-of Mouth Information
    • Researchers: Grant Packard, Andrew Gershoff (University of Texas), David Wooten (University of Michigan)
  • How Can 'I' Help 'You'? Personal Pronoun Use in Customer-Firm Interactions
    • Researchers: Grant Packard, Brent McFerran (University of Michigan), Sarah Moore (University of Alberta)
  • Caught Red-Branded: The Social Risk of Self-Presentational Props
    • Researchers: Grant Packard, Andrew Gershoff (University of Texas)


  • Investigating variation in replicability: A “many labs” replication project
    • Researchers: Richard Klein (University of Florida), Kate Ratliff (University of Florida), Brian Nosek (University of Virginia), Grant Packard and 47 other authors.

Tripat Gill, Director of the Consumer Research Laboratory

T: 519.884.0710 x4042


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