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Wilfrid Laurier University's Neuromechanics Laboratory supports research that investigates how footwear and foot disorders influence control of dynamic movements. The lab provides an opportunity for students to contribute to this emerging research area that could have a dramatic impact on our quality of life as we grow older. 




Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc. (AMTI) Force Platforms

The OR6 Series force platforms can be used for biomechanics, engineering, medical research, orthopaedics, rehabilitation evaluation, prosthetics and general industrial uses. Specific uses include gait analysis, stability analysis, neurological analysis, prosthetics fitting, athletic performance, shoe design, and force, power and work studies.

The AMTI OR6 Series force platforms were specifically designed for the precise measurement of ground reaction forces. The platforms measure the three orthogonal force components along the X, Y and Z axes, and the moments about the three axes, producing a total of six outputs. The high sensitivity, low crosstalk, excellent repeatability and long-term stability of these platforms make them ideal for research and clinical studies.

NOVEL Pressure Sensors

The pedar system is an accurate and reliable pressure distribution measuring system for the monitoring of local loading of the foot inside the shoe. The quality in-shoe dynamic pressure measuring system for gait analysis rehabilitation assessment shoe research and design, aid in shoe prescription and orthotic design field testing of sports applications kinetic analysis of free gait and long-term load monitoring.