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LittleCounters® is a community-based numeracy program for young children and adults.

In partnership with Ontario Early Years Centres, the Actuarial Foundation of Canada, Waterloo Public Library, Kitchener Public Library, Region of Waterloo Library, and the Fields Institute, this program explores how parents/caregivers/early childhood educators/teachers can use purposeful play to assist young children to develop number sense. This program was co-developed with Dr. Donna Kotsopoulos.

Research has shown that babies are born with some sense of an internal number structure and that young children are able to do much more mathematically than most adults believe. Children who come to school with a comprehensive understanding of counting do better mathematically at the start of schooling and this advantage is sustained through elementary school and beyond.

The purpose of this play-based program is to support parents/caregivers/early childhood educators/teachers of young children in developing the concept of number through stories, games, and songs. There are currently no community programs of this nature. We are pleased to be able to offer this program to the community.

To volunteer in this program, or for further information about the program, contact Dr. Joanne Lee at

Hosting LittleCounters® in Your Community

LittleCounters® is a five-week program on early mathematical learning and play for parents and preschool children. The program is offered in communities across Ontario for free! Training and resources are provided through the generous support of the Actuarial Foundation of Canada.

Children are capable of starting school knowing a remarkable amount of mathematics. This parent/caregiver and child program shows how to incorporate important counting skills into the everyday routines of young children. The program runs for 45 minutes over five weeks.

Free training is provided to community agencies to enable the program to be offered. The training is two hours long.

The program is an outgrowth of research from Dr. Joanne Lee and her collaborator, Dr. Donna Kotsopoulos.

Host organizations/agencies wishing to run the program are asked to use the program logo when advertising the program and program certificates for the children at the completion of the program. Additionally, data on the number of participants is also required after each offering of the program.

To request training please email Dr. Joanne Lee at

T: 519.884.0710 x2643
Office Location: 66 Hickory St., Waterloo (Northdale campus), room 108

A reserved parking spot for our participating families is available in front of the Northdale campus. A picture of the reserved parking spot will be provided.