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Laurier values the role retirees play in preserving our sense of community and recognizes the importance of maintaining the existing bond with employees as they transition to retirement. 

If you are interested in past pay and tax information, access LORIS.


The Pension Portal provides:

  • Your current monthly pension in pay.
  • Your monthly option that you elected at the commencement of your pension.
  • Your Annual Indexation letters from 2015 onwards.
  • Access to pension plan documents, forms, glossary and frequently asked questions.

Retiree Benefits

my Sun Life 

Sun Life’s online system my Sun Life allows you to submit claims online, check the status of a claim, sign-up for direct deposit of claim payments and view details regarding your health, dental and vision plan coverage.

my Sun Life offers a rich source of information, including the “Find a Provider” feature, claim forms and your benefit booklet.

For questions regarding your coverage or any claims information, please contact Sun Life at 1.800.361.6212. Please have your Laurier ID number and policy number (103333) available.

Should you require a printed copy of your benefits booklet or any claim forms, please contact Human Resources at 548.889.3385 or email

Laurier Email Access as a Retiree

Because the education sector is among the most impacted and targeted industry for malware and cyber-security attacks, ICT will create you a new email account separate from your legacy email account that will require you to be enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This process complies with Laurier Policy 9.1 and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Upon retirement from Laurier, you will receive detailed instructions on how to login to your new email address with MFA, and how to transition any personal emails you wish to keep.

Legal Compliance with FIPPA

Retirees, by definition, are no longer “agents of the institution” and thus need to have restricted access. A new email account clearly delineates this next phase of your Laurier journey.

Register for MFA

MFA adds an extra layer of protection to help prevent hacking, even if your password has been compromised. Your password is something you know while your second layer is something you have (such as a mobile device or hardware token).

Instructions on how to register for MFA as a retiree.

Extended Access Request

If you have retired from your position at Laurier but continue to do research or teach courses in an adjunct fashion, submit the Extended Access Request for Retired Faculty.

Log into Your Email

  • Go to
  • Enter in your full Laurier email address.
  • Select “Next.”
  • Enter in your Laurier password.
  • Verify your sign-in by using the MFA method you registered for.

If you need assistance with your Laurier email account, call the ICT Service Desk.

Stay Connected

Consider attending upcoming events and browse our news releases to stay informed with what is happening at Laurier.

Retirees’ Association

The Wilfrid Laurier University Retirees’ Association (WLURA) is open to all Laurier retirees. The Association offers educational and social opportunities, a monthly speakers’ series, and helps retirees keep in touch with former colleagues. Several newsletters are published each year with articles of interest to retirees, including: future events, news about individual retirees, information on discount programs, and pension and benefit updates. For additional information, including membership inquiries, contact WLURA at