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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Updated as of November 2020.

For committee meeting dates and materials, please contact Rebecca Barnes, Associate University Secretary, Senate. 

Academic Planning Committee

The Senate Academic Planning Committee (SAPC) makes recommendations to Senate on all matters related to the overall direction of academic programs at Laurier.

This includes:

  • Adapting and modifying the overall university plan as required;
  • Responding to specific requests (from the Board of Governors or from the Ministry) to articulate a Laurier niche or position relative to a current situation or need;
  • Responding to requests from Faculties and units to initiate new programs, modify current programs, or cancel them;
  • Considering the financial implications of maintaining all academic programs; and
  • Dealing with questions of policy that govern scholarships, bursaries and awards.

As part of this broad mandate, SAPC oversees the program review and approval process run by the University under the Ontario Universities’ Council on Quality Assurance, managed by the Ontario Council of Academic Vice‑Presidents.

In general, its role is to offer to Senate a considered conceptualization of where the University is, in what direction it should be heading, and what needs to be undertaken to accomplish this.


  • Chair: Provost and Vice-President: Academic
  • Administrative support: University Secretariat


  • Academic dean or university librarian (chosen by the deans/librarians):
    • Gavin Brockett
    • Dawn Buzza
    • Douglas Deutschman
  • Graduate student (chosen by the Graduate Students' Association): Anne Marie Beals
  • Undergraduate student (chosen by undergraduate students): Pegah Jamalof
  • Faculty Martin Luther University College senator (elected by the Martin Luther University College [Waterloo Lutheran Seminary]): Daniel Maoz
  • Eight faculty members (elected by UFC; two must be senators; one from each of the faculties):
    • Jessica Kun (Music)
    • Steve Sider (Education/Senator)
    • Bruce Gillespie (Liberal Arts)
    • Azim Essaji (Lazaridis School)
    • Pam Bryden (Science/Senator)
    • Katherine Rossiter (Human and Social Sciences)
    • Cameron McKenzie (Social Work)
    • Markus Poetzsch (Arts/ Senator)

Committee on Teaching and Learning

The broad mandate of the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning is to support and advance teaching and learning at the University. The committee shall send recommendations to Senate regarding university policies associated with teaching and learning, including institution-wide classroom and virtual teaching spaces, learning technologies, student accessibility, and student retention/success initiatives. The committee shall also adjudicate selected instructional development grant programs, referee the teaching and instructional assistant awards of excellence, and liaise with other university committees related to teaching and the student experience.

  • Chair: Associate Vice-President: Teaching and Learning
  • Administrative support: University Secretariat


  • Vice-Provost: Teaching and Learning: Mary Wilson
  • Academic Dean or University Librarian: Gohar Ashoughian
  • Dean of Students: Adam Lawrence
  • Six faculty members (two must be Senators; no more than one from each Faculty):
    • Bonnie Glencross
    • Jennifer Holm
    • Ken Jackson
    • Anne-Marie Kinaham
    • Stephen MacNeil
    • Michelle Skop
  • Academic librarian: Helene LeBlanc
  • Undergraduate student:
    • Karneet Chahal
    • Brandon Vale
  • Graduate student: Amanda Williams-Yeagers

Executive & Finance Committee

It shall be the duty of the Executive and Finance Committee to care for any matters committed to it by Senate, to function in place of the Senate between meetings of the Senate, to consider matters pertinent to Senate, including policies and protocol relating to university Convocations and functions, and to report to Senate.

The Executive and Finance Committee also considers the financial position of the University. It makes recommendations to Senate on budget planning as well as on the details of the annual University operating budget as prepared for presentation to Senate and the Board. The recommendations of Senate on that budget are forwarded to the Board of Governors, the body with ultimate fiduciary responsibility for the University.

  • Chair: President, Chair of Senate
  • Administrative support: University Secretariat


  • President: Deb MacLatchy
  • Provost and Vice-President: Academic: Anthony Vannelli
  • Acting Vice-President: Finance and Administration: Antonio Araujo
  • Vice-President: Research: Jonathan Newman
  • Acting Principal-Dean Martin Luther University College: Kristine Lund
  • Academic dean or university librarian:
    • Gohar Ashoughian
    • Maria Cantalini-Williams
    • Micheál Kelly
  • Undergraduate student senator: Andrew Dang
  • Graduate student senator: Julia Empey
  • Alumni senator: Karen Rice
  • Academic Librarian Senator: Helene LeBlanc
  • Faculty senator (Arts): Mary-Louise Byrne
  • Faculty senator (Education): Julie Mueller 
  • Faculty senator (Human and Social Sciences): Kenneth Dowler
  • Faculty senator (Liberal Arts): Abby Goodrum
  • Faculty senator (Music): Gerard Yun
  • Faculty senator (Lazaridis School): Logan McLeod 
  • Faculty senator (Science): Vladimir Kitaev
  • Faculty senator (Social Work): Michael Woodford
  • Faculty senators (one shall be the secretary of senate):
    • David Smith
    • Dan Antonowicz
    • John Schwieter
    • Sapna Isotupa
  • Administrative Staff Senator: Hillary Beaudry

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall have the responsibility of preparing a list of nominees to Senate committees for the annual meeting or as required. The Governance Committee may select nominees from outside the Senate except where otherwise stipulated. The establishment of a list of nominees does not preclude nomination from the floor.

The Governance Committee shall consider and make recommendations to Senate for the proper functioning of the Senate. (See Terms of Reference 1.4).

  • Chair: Mary Kelly 
  • Administrative support: University Secretariat


  • Academic dean or university librarian:
    • Anthony Clarke
  • Faculty Senator: 
    • Mary Kelly (Chair)
    • Ling Chu 
    • Sapna Isotupa
    • Scott Ramsay
    • Wendy Wu 
  • Undergraduate Student Senator: Christy Francis
  • Alumni Senator: Chris Heibert
  • Administrative Staff Senator: Hillary Beaudry

Honorary Degree Committee

Subject to the approval of Senate, the Honorary Degree Committee shall make policies regarding honorary degrees, shall invite nominations for honorary degrees, shall receive nominations respecting honorary degrees and make recommendation thereon to the Executive Committee of Senate.

  • Chair: President, Chair of Senate
  • Administrative support: University Secretariat


  • President: Deb MacLatchy
  • Chancellor: Eileen Mercier
  • Provost and Vice-President: Academic: Anthony Vannelli
  • Martin Luther University College (Waterloo Lutheran Seminary) senator: Gyeong Kim
  • Alumni senator: Sarah Cameron
  • Five Faculty members (at least two senators; at least one faculty member from each of the Brantford and Waterloo campuses):
    • Dan Antonowicz
    • Christina Han (Brantford)
    • Kalyani Menon
    • Mark Reesor
    • Fang Wang
  • Student senator: Christy Francis
  • Administrative staff: Deborah Russell 

Promotion and Tenure Committee

The Promotion and Tenure Committee shall, in accordance with the policies and procedures governing its operations, make recommendations to the President on specific applications for promotion and tenure.

  • Chair: Provost and Vice-President: Academic
  • Administrative support: University Secretariat


  • Provost and Vice-President: Academic: Anthony Vannelli
  • Vice-President: Research (alternate: Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies): Jonathan Newman, Douglas Deutschman
  • Vice-Provost: Teaching and Learning (alternate: additional dean): Mary Wilson
  • Dean of the member's faculty:
    • Gavin Brockett 
    • Dawn Buzza
    • Maria Cantalini-Williams
    • Kathryn Carter
    • Anthony Clarke
    • Lauren Eisler
    • Anna Ferenc
    • Micheal Kelly
  • Designates (five tenured faculty; no more than one from any faculty; elected by UFC for two-year terms):
    • Christina Stoica (Science)
    • Margaret Walton-Roberts(Arts)
    • Sapna Isotupa (Lazaridis School)
    • Kimberly Barber (Music)
    • Jonathan Lavery (Liberal Arts)
  • Alternates (five tenured faculty; no more than one from any faculty; elected by UFC for two-year terms):
    • Maria Gallego (Lazaridis School)
    • Jennifer Robertson-Wilson (Science)
    • Debora Van Nijnatten (Arts)
    • TBD (Education, HSS, Liberal Arts, Music)
    • TBD (Education, HSS, Liberal Arts, Music)
  • Employment equity representative (one-year term):
    • Angele Hamel
    • Laura MacDonald
    • Susan Neylan
    • Anne Wilson

Research and Publication Committee

The Research and Publications Committee shall review and examine policies on research as they affect the academic life of the University, and, where appropriate, make recommendations to Senate. Its mandate shall include receiving annual reports from the Animal Care Committee and the Research Ethics Board, and annually approving the distribution of funds within the University's internal research grants program. It shall also advise the Vice-President: Research on matters that pertain to research and its effective promotion and dissemination, and shall consult with the Director of the WLU Press on issues concerning scholarly publications.

  • Chair: TBD
  • Administrative Support: Deborah Arnal


  • Vice-President: Research: Jonathan Newman
  • Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: Douglas Deutschman
  • University Librarian: Gohar Ashoughian
  • Graduate students:
    • Sonia Bisol
    • Julia Empey
  •  Eight faculty members (two must be senators; no more than one from each Faculty):
    • Robert Ame (Liberal Arts)
    • Josephine McMurray (Faculty member)
    • Bill Morrison (LSBE)
    • Steve Sider (Education) 
    • Lee Willingham (Music)
    • Michael Woodford (Social Work)
    • TBD
    • TBD

Student Appeals Committee

The Student Appeals Committee shall hear and determine appeals from the decisions of the divisional faculty councils on applications and examinations by students and appeals relating to scholarships, bursaries and awards, and subject to the approval of Senate, shall establish rules and procedures for the hearing and determination of such appeals. The Vice‑President: Academic shall be chair of the committee.

  • Chair: Provost and Vice-President: Academic
  • Administrative Support: Office of the Provost and Vice-President: Academic


  • Provost and Vice-President: Academic: Anthony Vannelli
  • Dean of Students, Brantford (non-voting): Adam Lawrence
  • Dean of Students, Waterloo (non-voting): Kate McCrae Bristol
  • Three students (two undergraduate student senators; one graduate student):
    • Tanya O'Connell (Graduate)
    • Ibrahim Musa (Undergraduate)
    • Josh Smith (Undergraduate)
  • Other senator: Mark Reesor 
  • Faculty (Arts, designate): Glenda Wall
  • Faculty (Arts, alternate): Eva Planch
  • Faculty (Brantford, designate): Thomas Darren
  • Faculty (Brantford, alternate): Richelle Monaghan
  • Faculty (Education, designate): Jennifer Holm
  • Faculty (Education, alternate): Carolyn Fitzgerald
  • Faculty (Music, designate): Kirsten Yri
  • Faculty (Music, alternate): Gerard Yun
  • Faculty (Lazaridis School, designate): Azim Essaji
  • Faculty (Lazaridis School, alternate): Chet Robie
  • Faculty (Science, designate): Scott Ramsay
  • Faculty (Science, alternate): Jennifer Robertson-Wilson
  • Faculty (Social Work, designate): Anh Ngo
  • Faculty (Social Work, alternate): Magnus Mfoafo M'Carthy

Other Senate-Elected Positions

Vice-Chair of Senate

  • Elected Senator: TBD

Secretary of Senate

  • Faculty or academic librarian senator: John Schwieter

Members on the Board of Governors

Three faculty senators:

  • Mary Louise Byrne 
  • Sara Matthews
  • Patricia McLaren 

Secondary School Representative Appointed by Senate

Representatives of the Ontario Secondary School System:

  • Michael McDonald
  • Lila Read

Council of Ontario Universities Academic Colleague

Faculty senator or incumbent:

  • Bruce McKay (designate)
  • Alistair Edgar (alternate)

Rebecca Barnes

T: 519.884.0710 x 2981
Office Location: R231


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