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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Leah P. (BA ’18)

"Psychology at Laurier provided me with multiple opportunities for growth and multiple opportunities to get involved. I took some fascinating classes and was taught by some amazing professors. The best experiences in my undergraduate degree were given to me by the Psychology department.

"Psychology professors at Laurier are passionate, approachable, knowledgeable and care a great deal about their students. The department offers plenty of opportunities to be a part of research labs and research projects (sometimes having you working directly with a professor).

"I enjoyed my four years at Laurier largely due to my program and the Psychology professors.”

Megan Borg (BA ’18)

"This program is so diverse. You can choose to enter the research specialist stream (which I would highly recommend even if you don't think you want to do research), which allows you to focus on areas of psychology that you enjoy and are good at. I also liked how the faculty size is somewhat smaller making it easier to approach professors or get to know people in the department.

"I enjoyed the diversity of the program and the opportunities you have to gain experiences in other areas (e.g., minors). I also enjoyed the research specialist aspect, because it gives you a deeper understanding of areas you are interested in and teaches you meaningful research skills for the future."

Alexsia Louizos (BA ’18)

"What I enjoyed the most about the Psychology program is how the concepts that were taught were able to be applied in everyday life. You come out of each course knowing a bit more about why people are the way they are and I think that is a wonderful achievement."

Emily Weatherhead (BA '18)

"I enjoyed the incorporation of Community Service-Learning (CSL) courses. These courses allowed me to work with community partners and apply what I was learning in class to a real-life setting. They were also very rewarding experiences on a personal level, and I received amazing references from them. I did three placements through CSL at Laurier and stayed with two of them far beyond the time required for my class requirements, simply because I enjoyed them so much! These courses enriched my understanding of course material while allowing me to give back to the Waterloo community, which is an experience I'm very grateful for.

"This program gave me a background in all of the technical skills I needed, such as statistics and research methods, while still giving me the hands-on experience necessary for applying to jobs and graduate studies, through class presentations and CSL courses.

"I had an amazing experience throughout my time at Laurier, both inside and outside of the classroom. I was able to build the skills that I need moving forward with my career, while being engaged with a student body filled with some of the most passionate people I have ever met! Laurier gave me an enriching academic environment while providing me with the opportunities to grow into the person that I am today."

Zachary Gerlock (BA '18)

"Psychology provides the opportunity to learn a lot in a multitude of areas — social, clinical, statistics and even drugs and behaviour. The wide array of choices allows students to see what they enjoy and even subjects they would stray away from in the future.

"The program opens your mind to new ways of looking at life and the way in which we do things in our daily lives in such an unconscious manner. I highly recommend the Psychology program, even if you're unsure of what the future holds or what you would like to see yourself doing. But no matter your program, there is a lot of Laurier love from every student and professor, and that has to be the best part about Laurier!"


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