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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Russel Kennedy ('14)

acoustics engineer

"Kinesiology is a close-knit program and I enjoyed this very much. Students provided support to each other and helped one another understand concepts. We also used our peers as test subjects for research. Professors are welcoming and encouraging of questions and discussions.

"This program provides a general, yet specific introduction into research and academic careers. For me, this program was a stepping stone to another academic field of study. It prepared me with core concepts, as well as honing my autonomous work ethic."

Taylor Laister (BKin '20)

"I love how close-knit this program is! I can walk through the concourse and see someone in Kinesiology and not be afraid to smile and wave at them or strike up a conversation. I was told that the Kinesiology program was like a big family and I can definitely confirm that!

"Classes are small which means the professors are able to get to know you. Professors know your name and you are not just a face in the lecture hall. And the classes are amazing — they’re informative and interesting. In third or fourth year, you can pick a concentration, deciding the path you want to go down.

"The ‘Kin’ program is not just science and it’s not just arts. It’s a perfect mix of both! You have to complete 90+ hours of field work, so you have the opportunity to get hands-on experience off campus."

Carmen Baker (BSc '13, MSc '15)

medical student

"I loved Dr. Cinelli's fourth-year Motor Control course and Dr. Elcombe's fourth-year Sport Ethics course. These courses allowed self-initiated studies as well as group discussion and inquiry on a host of topics. Dr. Cinneli was and will always be my academic mentor. His guidance has enabled me to pursue my dream of becoming a medical doctor.

"I loved how small the program was. My graduating class was all friends — and many of us still are. We were a very tight group and we worked together to be successful. I have very fond memories of my class taking over the Science Atrium in the days leading up to an exam. It was truly a wonderful, collective learning experience."

Timothy Lytle (BKin '20)

current student

"KP200 is definitely my favourite course. I got to learn so much more in this course then I thought I was going to. We discussed new ways to play games and activities for a multitude of sports. Also we had a gym class where we would apply what we were learning in the classroom to the games we were playing, my favourite was soccerby (cross between soccer and rugby).

"Dr. Fletcher is probably my favourite professor thus far in the program. She was amazing in the classroom and made sure everyone was engaged and encouraged to learn. But, she is just one of many of the professors in the program just like this. At Laurier the professors care about you and how you are doing. You are not a number or just another student to them, they want you to succeed and are always willing to help in any way.

"I also got involved with Kin Kouncil which is a student-run council for those that are in the Kinesiology program. Being apart of this allowed me to connect with some the professors a little more and put on events for the Kin student body. We would try and help out some of the students, especially first years, in making connections and helping them understand what the program is all about, as well as have fun to de-stress from all the readings and studying.

"All in all, Laurier has been the greatest decision I have made, if I had the chance to do it over again I would not change a thing."

Isabella Seguin (BKin '20)

current student

"My favourite course thus far in the program is KP231: Fundamentals of Health. I believe the course focuses on key issues in not only our health, but our health systems as well. It introduces students like myself into a more in-depth meaning of what health is and how it contributes to our society.

"Dr. Jennifer Robertson-Wilson is my favourite professor in the program for a number of reasons. Before even entering Laurier, she was the professor I spoke with at the Ontario Universities Fair and I must say she greatly influenced my decision to choose Laurier. She was a great representation of what the Kinesiology program at Laurier would be like and I had the honour of being in one of her classes in first year as she taught KP100: Movement Skills and Physical Literacy. You can see her passion for her area of study, her courses, and the students as she was a great help to all.

"Laurier's Kinesiology program has only furthered my interest in this area of study. While learning that I love what I am pursuing even more than I originally thought, I have made great friends along the way. This program has allowed me to develop close knit relationships with the people who are also in Kinesiology, along with the professors. I believe the program's leaders are geared towards our success, and it is known that they are there to help along the way.

"To any student looking to pursue a degree in Kinesiology, I would recommend Laurier's program because of its kind students, helpful and inspiring professors, and innovative labs.

"Laurier will always be the best choice I made, not only for my education, but also for my life. The community is small and close, allowing you to feel more at home and apart of something so special. Laurier is a great choice if you're looking to get a great education, along with an even better experience."

Vanessa Karim (BKin '20)

"KP200 was my favourite course. This course was very applicable to the kinesiology field, allowing students to learn through an interactive curriculum. I especially enjoyed the practicum tutorials which made the course more fun and gave students a way to interact with one another outside of a classroom setting.

"The professors are very engaging and sincerely want to help students learn but also continue to make classes fun. Dr. Van Bussel, who taught KP200, was a very genuine professor and was very prepared for his lectures.

"Laurier was my #1 choice of university and I do not regret my decision of choosing to go here one bit!"

Colin Kirst (BA '16)

graduate student

"My favourite course during my undergrad was my third-year Biomechanics class. I found the topics and information in this class really stuck due to the prof's teaching style, and I learned a lot through the hands on interaction with equipment in the labs. It's because of that class that I've gone on to do my master's here at Laurier in that area.

"The thing I enjoyed most about the program was the small class sizes in second, third, and fourth year that allowed me to not only get to know all of my classmates, but also allowed the profs to get to know me on a first-name basis.

"This program has given me the opportunity to build lasting social networks, made up of classmates, colleagues, and staff that will last for life."

Daniel Grisebach (BSc '17)

graduate student

"My favourite course in the program was KP464: Aspects of Neural Control, due mostly to the intellectual challenge that it provided. Where most courses tend to see some overlap in the curriculum, this course stood alone and forced me to adapt my study habits in order to become a better student, while also establishing an interest research that led to my pursuit of a master's degree.

"My favourite professor in the program was Dr. Tom Hazell. I feel that Dr. Hazell stood above the rest due to his obvious passion for the material, as well as his ability to go above and beyond in order to create a bond with his students. The way in which he spoke during his lectures is what drove me to pursue physiology beyond my undergrad, and outside of the classroom he was always ready to talk about school, sports, or any of the long line of common interests we had.

"I feel that the best part of the Kinesiology program is the relationship that you form with your classmates and professors. Due to the smaller class sizes, you really get the time to get to know those around you on a personal level through group assignments and one on one instruction. This is something that you would never experience in a big lecture hall.

"I would recommend this program to anyone looking to pursue a career in the world of kinesiology because I feel it would be hard to find anywhere else that offers such passionate professors that truly care about your learning.

"I would not trade my time spent at Laurier for anything in the world. I learned everything I set out to learn inside the classroom, but it was my time outside the classroom that I will never forget. During my four years there, I developed relationships both professional and personal that I know will last a life time, while learning more about myself than I ever thought possible."

Kali Haydenluck (BKin '19)

"One of my favourite courses so far was KP322: Physiology of Physical Activity with Dr. Tom Hazell. In this course I learned about human biological processes in direct relation to sport and exercise and I was absolutely captivated by the course content. I loved learning about the mechanisms involved from brain to limb that are required for muscle contraction that allow us to complete our everyday activities. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I could directly apply what I was learning in the class to my life and I took away important information about how athletes can effectively train and adapt to exercise. I loved this course and cannot wait to take KP422 to build on my knowledge next year!

"Dr. Stephen Wenn is my favourite professor in the Kinesiology department. I had him as a prof in one class in first year — Historical and Philosophical Foundations in Kinesiology — and was blown away by his teaching style and personal interest in his students. Within the first couple of weeks, he had gotten to know every single person's name, and now — three years later — he will still stop me on campus and ask me how I am doing and what I am up to. His dedication to this school and this program is truly remarkable and I feel very lucky to have studied under him.

"What I enjoy most about the Laurier Bachelor of Kinesiology program is how intimate it is and how passionate and devoted the professors are towards my success. As a result of the small program size, I can recognize just about every person in my classes and have worked with dozens of them on projects and assignments. Most Kin classes are small enough that you not only get to know your peers, but the professors as well. I never imagined that a professor would know my first name in university, but in almost all of my Kinesiology classes, my profs made the effort to get to know me and learn about my interests.

"I feel so lucky to be in an environment where I don't just feel like a number in a crowd, but an individual with meaningful input. This program has allowed me to become a happy, confident, and contributing member of society and I am grateful for everything I have learned!"


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