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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Steven Siman (BSc '09, MSc '12)

"I fell in love with the Laurier campus. School did not feel like a chore because it was my second home. From studying in the concourse or atrium to hanging out on Alumni Field during down time I always felt comfortable. The experience helped define who I am today. It’s a safe place to learn and grow. Laurier will forever be rooted in me and I am proud of where I went to school.

"My time at Laurier prepared me for the transition to the workforce. There were opportunities to get involved with the department and get exposure to different fields and types of research. The chance to help fellow undergraduate and graduate students, as well as eventually completing my own thesis project, allowed me to develop project management skills, which are in high demand in the workforce.

"The Laurier campus and the City of Waterloo are unique and welcoming. I quickly felt that it was the place for me, from the first time I visited to take a campus tour." 

Emily Tran (BSc '17)

"One of the first courses you take in the Biology program is BI110: Unifying Life Processes. Despite the large size of the classroom, I felt that the professor, Dr. Smith, was able to truly connect to his students! His passion and knowledge about biology is what captured my attention. His understanding and enthusiasm for biology and research came through during each lecture, motivating me to excel and allowing me to develop my own passion for science.

"Being in the Biology and Psychology double-major program was exciting — there were opportunities to draw from a wide range of disciplines. I used to my benefit and completed both a Psychology Directed Study (PS490) and Honours Biology Thesis (BI499) in my final year at Laurier. I was exposed to first-hand practical skills in the field of cognitive neuroscience and extensive applications of molecular biology and biochemical methodology, respectively. The journey was incredible and gave me a breadth of knowledge, skills and experience that is invaluable! This program has allowed for many doors to open for me within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry."

Hiba Elmiari

research assistant

"My favourite course is BI302 — the course about evolution — because everything comes together so beautifully in the light of evolution!

"Mihai Costea is an exceptional professor! Seldom do you see a professor passionate enough about what he is doing that it affects the students. I became obsessed with plants because he presented the topic in a very innovative perspective. Also, he is very well educated and cultured. Conversations with him on any topic are always enriching.

"This program sets you up for success!”

Ibrahim Chehade (BSc '08, MSc '12)

instructor of biology

"Laurier’s undergraduate Biology program is a very well established program that provided me with a broad foundational base of knowledge in biology. The program linked the importance of integrating different fields of biology, which lead me to think as a scientist and encouraged me to pursue a Master of Science degree at Laurier.

"Microbial Ecology was considered to be one of my favourite courses. The lab was designed as an advanced inquiry-based learning method in the form of a student-driven research project. This method of learning encouraged me to apply it in my current lab courses. Moreover, the course helped me better understand the relationship between microorganisms and their environment.

"I would strongly recommend the biology program as Laurier faculty are very approachable and encouraging which greatly enhanced my learning experience. Additionally, Laurier’s method of teaching challenges students to critically think as mature scientists in order to develop, execute and later defend their future research projects as part of their thesis program.

"The background and knowledge I gained during my time at Laurier allowed me to bring an intellectual input to my current career as an instructor of biology. This in turned helped me advance the biology teaching laboratories and challenge my undergraduate students to utilize their critical thinking skills in becoming advanced, mature young scientists."

Erum Razvi (BSc '14)

PhD candidate in Biochemistry

"Dr. Joel Weadge, Dr. Tristan Long, and Dr. Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb (Gabo) are all so passionate and enthusiastic when they teach. They each do not have a typical didactic teaching style. They are interactive lecturers in their own way. The three of them made me enjoy science as a whole so much more, and were always very approachable and encouraging when I had questions about course material. There are many things each of them taught me that I still put into practice today as a scientist, so I see them as my mentors.

"I first volunteered in Dr. Joel Weadge's lab during my third year, which led to the opportunity to pursue a fourth-year thesis project with him. During my fourth year, I also took a directed studies course in Bioinformatics with Dr. Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb. Because of Laurier's modest size, I was able to receive very valuable mentorship from professors during my research pursuits, allowing me to rapidly improve my skills.

"The beauty of this program is that it is not very large. The modest size allows for you to get to know your professors, and they will know you by your first name – even during your first year. There is a strong sense of support and community amongst professors and peers. The variety of courses and quality of teaching are excellent.

"The program helped me realize in my third year that I had a passion for research. I learned that I loved being in a lab, performing experiments, and problem solving. It helped me realize that pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry was right for me.

"My time at Laurier was absolutely wonderful and filled with precious memories. The years I spent there helped me grow into a confident and independent woman. I was able to get over my self consciousness and be fearless about my passions. Not everyone enjoys reading about cellular pathways or performing laboratory research. I learned that I do, and I now embrace it."

Elizabeth Hughes (BSc '18)

graduate student, Master of Science in Food Safety and Quality Assurance, University of Guelph

"My favourite course in the Biology program was Limnology. This course looked at different aspects of lakes and how studies could be conducted on them. I liked this course the most at Laurier because I was able to refer what we learned in class to real world experiences and situation. This course taught me valuable tools when surveying lakes as well as other aquatic environments.

"My favourite professor was Dr. Derek Gray. Dr. Gray is passionate about his field of study and you can sense that when he teaches. He cares for the students and wants them to learn and do well in his courses. I took several courses taught by Dr. Gray in my final two years at Laurier. His passion for his work is obvious. A professor who shows enthusiasm for what he or she teaches is contagious.

"The aspect that I enjoyed most about Biology at Laurier is the variety of people and learning environments that I was presented with over my four years. The variety of classroom, lab and tutorial experiences available to students help broaden one's understanding of biology and science.

"I would recommend the biology program at Laurier for multiple reasons. The program is large enough that there are a variety of courses and various aspects of biology that can be studied, but small enough that you are able to have one-on-one experiences with professors and learn from them first hand. The program gives you the option of pursuing different aspects in biology and learning about careers in these fields. Finally, the program has multiple out-of-class experiences (i.e. clubs, field courses, volunteer opportunities) to help you gain hands-on experience in the field of biology before graduating. These experience help students make decisions about further studies, and choices related to careers after graduation.

"Laurier's biology program is a great choice if you have a keen interest in science and want to expand your knowledge of multiple aspects in biology. The program allows you to learn about many different fields but also provides multiple courses if you want to specify in one subject."

Rutik Patel (BSc '18)

"I primarily enjoyed the ratio between instructors and students at Laurier, and found that the quality time spent with instructors really shined through on the courses. I felt that the individualized approach to learning vastly improved my ability to critically think throughout my time at Laurier, and that these relationships cannot be forged at other institutions. You can really tell that the instructors love doing their jobs, and that teaching in ingrained into each and every one of them.

"If a student were interested in not only academic excellence, but a tight-knit community, opportunities for research and volunteerism, then no other school comes close for a well-rounded university experience.

"This program taught me critical thinking skills, basic science research skills, and teaching skills that have allowed me to gain admission into medical school in Canada. With these skills I am sure that I will be able to thrive as a health-care practitioner."


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