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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Naomi Brito (BMus '19)

current student

"I enjoy the opportunity to integrate creativity involved in musicianship with an academic environment that allows me to pursue various other interests.

"The Music program at Laurier is highly respected and renowned due to the many opportunities it provides to students, whether that be performing in the community, within the faculty or sponsoring students to pursue their own entrepreneurial pursuits, including competitions.

"The many different streams offered and flexibility in designing one's own program is key to discovering the various avenues in which ambitious students may choose following this degree."

Hanisha Kulothparan (BMus '19)

current student

"My favourite course in the program was Wind Orchestra. I learned a lot about working with an ensemble and how it differs from solo playing. Working with a highly trained group of musicians and a wonderful conductor made this course a memorable experience.

"I really enjoy all aspects of my program. There is a lot of hands-on work with solo and ensemble performances, which is preparing me for many opportunities students will come across after their time at Laurier. There is also a lot of academic work, which further developed my musicianship. Learning both aspects of music has enhanced my skills in music history and theory, and playing the piano.

"The Laurier Music program is a small but strong group of musicians. We support one another at every concert and event and welcome all students with open arms. The professors are caring and supportive as well by taking important things like mental health and stress into consideration in their courses. This support and community is what has helped me become the musician I am today."

Ashley Sherk (BMus '20)

current student; part-time voice teacher at Renaissance School of the Arts

"My favourite course is Private Instruction on my instrument (voice). It’s so great to be taught by such distinguished musicians, many with performance histories circling the globe. I enjoy building my skill and seeing my abilities develop as a singer. I love being able to witness my peers learn and grow during masterclasses. This course is almost all one-on-one with the professors, creating accountability and a sense that I am being rooted for.

"The Music faculty at Laurier is incredibly welcoming and friendly. I love that I am known by name by the dean of Music, as well as many other staff. I believe the Music program is unique because students root for each other, creating a family atmosphere."

Ian Fong (BMus '19)

current student; bandsman, HMCS Star

"My favourite course in the program is definitely my private lessons with my Bassoon instructor. Laurier has provided me with all the materials I need in the program to be a successful musician and take away much of it into my professional career... and that’s all in just one course!

"I enjoy all the opportunities in this program to play within and without the faculty. Laurier not only gives me many opportunities to perform in the faculty, but it also gets me in contact with people within the community who might want to hire me for gigs, concerts, and whatnot. I also really enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie within the faculty. It makes it such an enjoyable place to work!

"In this program, you get such an amazing experience and you get to work with some of the best instructors in their field. Not only that, but because of Laurier, I’ve made friends that I know I will keep for life. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Not once have I regretted it, and I wake up everyday excited to get to the faculty!"

Mike Fan (BMus '19)

current student; music teacher, tutor and performer

"Being able to perform opera roles for the first time with a professional director and orchestra was a phenomenal experience and affirmed my passion for performance. Bonding with my fellow Laurier cast mates, coaching music with the faculty, and learning what it takes behind the scenes to make opera happen was all invaluable learning experience and so much fun as well!

"Music students are just so fun! And Laurier is just such a wonderful school — everyone is so friendly and warm. I know I will leave feeling sad to leave this wonderful environment behind but also that I will be leaving with lifelong friendships and contacts.

"My private voice teacher Marianne Bindig is truly a gem. She understands me as an artist and human so well and is so full of compassion, humour, and wisdom for all of her students at all points of their career. So grateful to have met her and I know that she will be a lifelong mentor for me!

"We have a phenomenal Music program with plenty of performing opportunities. It’s a very flexible university and degree — you can tailor make your degree with all sorts of courses at Laurier and also even take courses online or in-person from neighbouring UW. This allows you to expand your degree in many ways. For example, I am doing double minors in Italian and German, which has certainly helped my training as an opera singer!

"Laurier: Thank you for the laughs, the tears, and the memories! Besides becoming the musician I always hoped to today, I am a person wiser for both the challenges and the rewards."

Graham Falconer (BMus '20)

current student

"This program one of the top music programs in the province. Along with its small class sizes and close community setting, it’s an excellent school for students leaving home for the very first time. The Laurier Faculty of Music is a welcoming place for anyone and everyone. I consider it my home away from home.

"My favourite course in Laurier’s Music program is the ensemble course. For the past two years I have been placed in The Wilfrid Laurier Wind Ensemble and love everything about it. From the repertoire we play and weekly rehearsals, to the people involved. The wonderful thing about the ensemble credit is that everyone gets a chance to play in an ensemble. Whether that be the Jazz bad, Wind Orchestra, Orchestra or one of the three choirs. Every student is given the opportunity to audition in a professional manner, which gives us excellent experience for ‘real’ auditions in our careers. This course is designed to help us in our future careers."

Cristian Galarza (BMus '20)

current student

"The Faculty of Music at Laurier is small, so it’s very easy to run into the same people enough that you become friends very quickly, especially considering how warm and welcoming most people are around Laurier. This program has well-rounded instructors and curriculum, and a close-knit community. I find professors are very quick to consider student needs and tailor to them as best as they can.

"These have been some of the most thrilling years of my life. I have really felt alive by attending Laurier. Even my struggles here teach me a great deal. At Laurier I have also had some of my most positive and most enjoyable experiences in life."

Connor Rodkin (BMus '19)

current student

"I really enjoy being able to work with students across all years of the program. It makes the program feel like a very tight-knit group of students who work together and make amazing music! My ensemble class was definitely my favourite course, it really pushed my ability as a musician, and it introduced me to the intricacies of modern contemporary wind orchestra music!

"This program is competitive, challenging, and forces you to grow both as a person and as a musician. It provides challenges every day and really forces you out of your comfort zone! My time at Laurier has been amazing. It has allowed me to meet so many different people and make so many new friends! Coming to Laurier was the best decision I've ever made!"

Nauroz Tanya (BMus '17)

freelance composer

"After every exam and every concert, my confidence become greater. All this because of the unimaginable support of my professors and the staff at the Faculty of Music, who become friends.

"I truly enjoyed composition classes and loved piano lessons. After graduating from Laurier, I now know how to shape my ideas and my compositions tools are much greater.

"Nothing before this program can be compared to what I can do right now. This year my pieces was/will be premiered in Italy, Sweden, Nova Scotia. I cannot ask for anything more.

"Millions of thanks Laurier Music staff and professors. You gave me something that was a dream of mine."

Megan Danbrook (BMus '20)

current student

"My favourite professor is Jane Maness, my studio teacher, because she is like a grandmother to all of us in our studio. She cares more about our health and well-being than how well we play. As long as we try, she knows we're doing our best. She has definitely helped me through some stressful times. She is not only an amazing teacher but an amazing person.

"Everyone is so welcoming, and even though it is very difficult you always walk away with a sense of accomplishment.

"I love Laurier. I love the community, the students, the faculty, the campus, the music program, there isn't a single thing about Laurier that I don't love."

Lindsay Walker (BMus '20)

current student

"My favourite course was MU268 because of the depth of music theory taught. This course allowed me to dive deeper into the world of music theory and see and understand concepts from a much broader perspective.

"My favourite professor is Dr. Morrison. He is a brilliant man who loves to share his passion for music theory with any student he talks to. He immerses himself in the music community and is always up for a conversation. He makes his lectures fun, interesting and eyeopening.

"I enjoy the sense of community that comes with being in the music program. Everyone is always supporting others and helping them with any issue that comes around. It is so inclusive and a fun place to spend your day!

"I would recommend this program for the experiences it has to offer. Laurier Music has so much to offer its students, with masterclass opportunities with professionals and concerts every week to broaden the horizons of your mind. This school encourages students to learn in a positive, safe, and fun environment that changes it from an education, to an education you want to have."

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