Music careers often encompass various jobs and skills that combine to create a multi-faceted and rewarding career. Most guitar-related careers include some aspect of teaching. Music is a highly dynamic and ever-changing field, and the career you may have may not even exist yet!

Here are just a few examples of guitar-related careers:

  • performer
  • arranger
  • composer (experimental, film or contemporary commercial)
  • teacher (private, high school or postsecondary)
  • recording artist
  • producer
  • music entrepreneur
  • performance coach
  • chamber musician
  • musicologist
  • music psychologist/therapist

Alumni have successfully gone on to have multi-faceted careers in music and have become music instructors, composers and music therapists or have gone on to complete master's degrees in music performance and similar fields. Some have even gone into law, medicine, and business after their degree