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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Allauren Forbes (BA '12, MA '13)

PhD candidate, University of Pennsylvania

"On an abstract level, philosophy is a practice of critical thinking. It is applicable across academic disciplines and virtually every profession. Perhaps most importantly, it makes good citizens – individuals who are able to assess, evaluate, and communicate effectively, especially about topics and concerns that have practical importance in our lives.

"The greatest strength of Laurier’s Philosophy department lies in its faculty.... The professors were a source of philosophical and personal inspiration. From the diverse and fascinating courses in contemporary and traditional philosophical topics, to their commitment to ensuring that students understand the material on a deep level, and through their modelling of philosophical inquiry, the professors of the philosophy department conveyed their love of philosophy; their excitement for this discipline was contagious."

Curtis Miller (BA '17)

graduate student

"I had an absolute blast studying Philosophy at Laurier. I enjoyed every Philosophy class I took at Laurier. I really enjoyed the diversity of research interests of philosophers in the program, the enthusiasm of all the professors and the students I took the program with.

"Courses offered in the program are extremely diverse — you learn to approach problems from many different angles and there will always be courses offered that you will enjoy. The variety is definitely a positive. The classes are small enough, that you can develop more personal relationships with your professors. And all classes were really fun, and all of the professors were very enthusiastic. I really enjoyed my entire experience at Laurier as a Philosophy student!"

James McNab

general manager, Totem

"My philosophy background prepared me for business in ways I never expected. A Philosophy degree hones your analytical and communication skills and teaches you to quickly recognize and understand different perspectives in every situation. I was able to address complex challenges very early in my career, working alongside senior staff on major projects. Much of the mechanics of business can be learned on the job, but my ability to frame challenges in compelling ways, and develop multiple solutions quickly has allowed has me to differentiate myself from colleagues with more traditional business backgrounds. I progressed quickly into senior roles. Even today, my Philosophy degree has better prepared me to adapt in an ever-changing environment than I could have imagined. It’s been the ace up my sleeve for my entire career."

Lindsay Hachey (BA '16)

graduate student

"I applied to Laurier's Philosophy department not ever having taken a philosophy class, or really ever reading any substantial philosophical texts – so it was a big gamble. The variety of classes and the flexibility of the required courses were large factors in my positive experience at Laurier, because I felt that I could both focus on my interests but also explore different fields/topics. But what stands out most was the professors. I never felt like just another number; the professors always felt approachable, and passionate about their fields and our success. In second year, I took an Ancient Philosophy class with Dr. Johnston, and I knew I found my niche. Dr. Peetush's Indian Philosophy class also inspired me.

"Because of the small department size and passion of the professors, I was able to experience some things during my studies that gave me insight into an academic future. In my fourth year, I was able to TA a first-year Philosophy course with a tutorial of my own. These experiences, and the willingness the faculty showed in accommodating my interests, helped to show me that I was on the right path. I don't know if I could have realized the fruitfulness of philosophy so quickly and joyfully at a school other than Laurier."

William Webb

JD candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School

"Philosophy prepared me for law school. From the LSAT to 100% final exams, philosophy gave me the analytic tools to succeed. Philosophy’s emphasis on logic, argumentation, and reading comprehension easily translates into the legal context. While philosophy is challenging, Laurier’s Philosophy department offers high quality instruction and support. If you are interested in law, philosophy is the place to start."

Kevin Gerlach

Master of Public Service candidate, University of Waterloo

"My experience in a master's program showed me what a great decision it was to do my undergraduate program in Philosophy at Laurier. The work you put into developing your communication, analysis, and argumentation will give you skills that others will find valuable in your future career. Moreover, the wonderful faculty helped me widen my perspective on the world and my place in it."


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