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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

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What is Philosophy?

Can we know anything with certainty? Are there absolute moral values? What is human nature? What is truth? These questions deal with fundamental ideas in the sense that how we answer them has an impact on our beliefs and our actions.

Our Philosophy program will encourage you to grapple with big and complex issues, and in doing so will help you develop as a thinker, actor, and citizen of the world.

Philosophy Learning Outcomes

Thinking about a major? Major in thinking.

Learning to think carefully and critically, and to express yourself with clarity and precision, are some of the best skills you can learn at university, and the Philosophy department at Laurier is an ideal place to acquire these skills.

The ideas you encounter are stimulating in their own right, but the skills you acquire will benefit you both in and well beyond the classroom.

About the Philosophy Program at Laurier

We offer a single honours major in Philosophy and a major in Philosophy combined with another subject. You do not need any background in Philosophy to join the program.

As a student in first year, you'll learn about basic philosophical issues in the areas of knowledge and reality, and values and society. You'll have small-group tutorials to accompany your introductory courses.

In second year, you'll be offered a wide choice of courses in values, ethics, knowledge, reality, the history of philosophy, and a number of non-traditional subjects, including non-Western philosophies, feminism and gender theory, and philosophy of the environment.

In upper years, you will have the opportunity to take small classes and seminars in a variety of specialized topics. Recent examples include:

  • Love and Personal Identity;
  • The Metaphysics of Death;
  • Human Rights and Cultural Diversity; and
  • Minds, Brains, and Machines.

Throughout, you will benefit from close interaction with your instructors, who will help you develop as close readers, clear thinkers, and effective communicators.

Earn Money and Experience

The Philosophy program has regular openings for high-achieving majors to work as instructional assistants, tutoring first-year Philosophy classes. This is a fabulous opportunity for you to gain experience in teaching, mentoring, grading and communication, while getting paid for your work!

Interested in Law?

You can combine this program with a law degree (LLB) from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Our Bachelor of Laws (University of Sussex, UK) and Bachelor of Arts (Laurier) program can be completed in six years.

You'll complete your first two years in the Philosphy program at our Waterloo campus. Students who meet the GPA and progression requirements may then apply to the UK law program and are guaranteed an offer of admission to the University of Sussex law school; there is no requirement to write the LSAT entrance exam.

After three years of studying abroad in the UK and completing an LLB, you'll return for one final year at Laurier to complete your Laurier BA.

"I had an absolute blast studying Philosophy at Laurier. I really enjoyed the diversity of research interests of philosophers in the program, the enthusiasm of all the professors and the students I took the program with."

– Curtis Miller (BA '17)

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