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Accessible Learning supports equitable access to the learning environment at Laurier for students with disabilities. Our accommodation consultants collaborate with students to design individualized accommodation plans that address barriers and facilitate access. With accommodations, students with disabilities have the same opportunity as other students to engage with and meet their academic requirements.

Register Early

Register before classes begin!

Families should encourage their student to contact Accessible Learning in the summer. Early registration enables us to arrange the accommodations and supports they may before the start of classes.

Accommodation Process

Accessible Learning uses the following process for approving academic accommodations at Laurier:

  • Review the student’s disability documentation.
  • Discuss with the student how they experience their disability at school and in daily life.
  • Use this information, and details about their academic program, to determine the access barriers the student may experience in the learning environment.
  • Design an individualized accommodation plan specific to the student’s disability to remove those barriers.

In supporting their students during this process, parents should be aware that:

  • Laurier assesses the student’s access needs and determines appropriate accommodations; however, we are not obligated to approve accommodations listed on an IEP or a psycho-educational assessment.
  • Accommodations are intended to facilitate access.
  • Many students perform well when they can fully access the learning environment. However, we do not approve accommodations solely to improve performance or guarantee success.
  • We balance a student’s right to access the learning environment with preserving academic integrity.

Funding Opportunities

Accessible Learning registration and accommodations are free.

Students incurring costs for equipment or services (i.e., obtaining updated documentation, a computer, or tutoring support) may be eligible for the Bursary for Students with Disabilities if they are funded through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Transition Tips for Families

Accessible Learning recognizes that families provide important support as students transition to university. Review the helpful tips below for supporting your student with a disability, their transition to Laurier, and their connection with Accessible Learning.