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Registration & Login Problems

Problem: I do not know my login information or have forgot my password.

If you have already registered on this site then use the forgot password feature to have your password e-mailed to you. If you have not yet registered you must do so to use the site. Note that logins for WebCT, LORIS and other WLU services are separate from this site and cannot be used to login.

Website Compatibility

Problem: When I log in to the site, it "forgets" that I am logged in when I go to another page.

For your security cookies must be enabled to use this site. You can find this setting in most browsers in the security settings.

Problem: The site is not working correctly on my computer.

Headstart Registration System has been tested to work on the latest versions of most popular web browsers however we cannot ensure compatiblity with all system configurations. For your security please note the following browser capabilities must be present to use the site:

  • Cookies must be enabled.
  • The site can only be viewed over an SSL connection (https://).

If you cannot get the site to work on your computer you are expected to use your school's computers to view it instead.

Have an Unresolved Issue?

If the questions above did not solve your problem please contact for further assistance.

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