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June 29, 2016
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Online Learning Term Form


Find course material information HERE.


Textbooks and course packs are distributed through the Waterloo campus Bookstore. Complete details and additional information are available at the Bookstore website.

All loaned media and miscellaneous supplementary material is provided through the Centre for Online Learning.  Please complete the Online Learning Term Form to request these materials.

Please note this is a two-page form, with page two containing information on how to complete the Online Learning Term Form. Please click below for page two.

How to Complete the Online Learning Term Form

Administration fees are charged for each online learning course registered in at the time of fees being assessed by the Business Office. These fees become non-refundable as of the last day to drop without penalty (please see Business Office website for all dates). If an online learning course is dropped prior to this date and to obtaining any course materials from the Centre for Online Learning, a request for a reversal of the administration fee may be submitted by completing this form.  If adding an online learning course AFTER the processing of fees to your account, the administration fee for that course(s) is due within 10 days regardless if an invoice is received.  You are responsible for all charges to your account so please be sure to regularly review your account via your LORIS login. 

To arrange for someone else to pick up your loaned media and/or supplementary material, you must email  from your Laurier email account (no other email account will be recognized) and provide us with the details.  The person picking up your materials must present photo ID.

Materials for Online courses often differ from on-campus courses.  Please ensure that you have the correct material for your course.

Change your Address on LORIS
In order to revise your address in "real time", login to LORIS
Once you have logged in, select
Personal Information and then select
Update Address(es) and Phone(s). 
Please read the instructions for updating carefully. 

This personal information is collected under the authority of the Wilfrid Laurier University Act to administer the university-student relationship. This includes but is not limited to maintaining your academic and ancillary records, contacting you and others on your behalf, and releasing such information as is appropriate for the operation of the university. Questions may be directed to the University’s Privacy Co-ordinator at 519-884-0710. Please visit the co-ordinator’s web page at for examples and explanations of potential uses of your personal information.

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A shipping fee of $10 for Ontario, $20 for outside Ontario or $30 for international destinations applies. Note: Please ensure you have provided your correct *shipping* address information. Failure to do so may result in additional charges incurred from the courier service, which will be charged back to your account.">
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Supplementary Material (where applicable):
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Supplementary Material (where applicable):
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