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October 9, 2015

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Vice President: Academic & Provost

University Loans Art. 28.9

published: 25-Jan-2010 PDF (15kb) loan_appl_2007.pdf

As per the WLUFA Collective Agreement for Full-time Faculty and Professional Librarians, Article 28.9:

Loans are for Members in need of funds for the publication of dissertations, travel costs in connections with the academic betterment of the individual Member (e.g. presentation of dissertations for degrees), purchase of microcomputers or related equipment, or for any other endeavour that would be beneficial to the Member and the University.

On application to the VPA, University loans of up to $10,000. shall be available at a rate of interest equivalent to the prime rate, plus one (1) percent. Such loans shall be repayable on terms satisfactory to the University but not to exceed the length of the appointment of the Member or two (2) years, whichever is shorter.

updated January 25/10