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July 26, 2016

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Solutions: Infrastructure (formally: IdM (Identity Management), Email, Projects)

Account: Shared Email Request Form

SharedEmail Account : a genericemail address used by a department, class or group.

For example: The ITS Department needs aShared Email address for computer setups and would like it to be

Another example of aShared Email account is for usingan EmailCalendar in a group setting. Our ITS Department has a shared calendar the entire ITS Department can look at or post items.


Send on Behalf of and Send As are similar in fashion.

Send on Behalf Of will allow a user to send as another user while showing the recipient that it was sent from a specific user on behalf of another user. What this means, is that the recipient is cognitive of who actually initiated the sending message, regardless of who it was sent on behalf of.

Send As will allow users to send as another users. Send As can be useful in a scenario where you are sending as a mail-enabled distribution group. If someone replies, it will go to that distribution group which ultimately gets sent to every user who is a part of that distribution group

For more information or help with this form, please contact our Employee Service Desk at

(must be a valid WLU email address)
(must be a valid WLU email address)
**NOTE:The Owner of the Shared Email Account would normally be the person who is going to be using the account and approving access to the account.**
When sending from the new address, please setup as Send As:
When sending from the new address, please setup as Send on Behalf Of.:

updated November 27/15