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April 24, 2014
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Laurier Centre for Community Service-Learning

Criteria for Student-Initiated Community Service-Learning (CSL) Placements

Self-initiated placements by students are intended to allow those students that already have work or volunteer positions with organizations to continue to be able to do those positions, or to allow them to find positions out of town, if they are commuting.

Self-initiated placements must be approved by a CSL Coordinator before the student starts the placement. Please sign-up for the placement on our webpage ( and ensure that the following criteria are met:

Your campus*:
Please check the criteria for self-initiated placements:  
The placement duties and expectations are clearly defined and are agreed upon by the placement supervisor and the student:
The role of the student at the placement provides a meaningful service to the community-partner and the community partner acknowledges that the service is meaningful to them:
The placement duties and expectations meet with the learning outcomes of the CSL course that the student is enrolled in and the placement has been approved by the course instructor:
The placement requires the student to provide approximately 20 hours of unpaid service through the period of the CSL course for which the student is enrolled - approximately 10 weeks from September to December (Fall semester), or January to April (Winter semester):
The placement requires the student to visit at least 5 to 10 times through the placement period (as defined above):
Full contact information (address, phone number, and email) for the placement agency and the supervisor at the placement agency can be provided by the student:
The student is supervised by an adult staff member and/or a trained adult volunteer:
The placement be at a verifiable not-for-profit, educational or government agency/institution e.g. that official correspondence, such as letterhead, can be provided by the agency contact and a site visit can be made by LCCSL staff:
The placement is not for a position with an organization that we are already partnered with for that semester, unless this has been approved by a CSL Coordinator ahead of time:

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