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June 25, 2016

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Request an In-Residence Workshop

For in-residence workshops it is the organizer's responsibility to:

  • Select potential dates and times for the workshop.
  • Book a location space.
  • Ensure that the location space has a computer with an Internet connection, speakers, and a projector.
  • Secure the names or student ID numbers of at least ten (10) student participants.

It is the Study Skills & S.I. Centre's responsibility to:

  • Consult with the organizer of the event to clarify the learning objectives of the workshop.
  • Schedule either a trained student employee or professional staff member to facilitate the event, as deemed appropriate by the Centre.
  • Facilitate the arranged workshop
  • Provide appropriate supplemental information to student participants, if applicable.

Note: The Study Skills & S.I. Centre reserves the right to cancel any workshop at any time that doesn't meet the minimumrequirements as outlined above.

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updated September 10/15