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July 2, 2015

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History Department's Ethics Review (Undergraduate Students)

published: 16-Oct-2007 RTF (136kb) REQUEST_FOR_HISTORY_ETHICS_REVIEW_UG.rtf

All research directly involving living humans must be conducted in an ethically sound matter. For historians, such research usually means the use of oral history as part of one's methodology (conducting interviews face to face or by telephone or even by email might constitute "research involving humans"). All faculty or graduate level research projects of this nature must obtain approval from the university's ethics review board (please click here for further information) and all undergraduate projects must be approved by the History Department's Ethics Review Committee. The form attached as a RTF contains the application with instructions including sample wording for the informed consent form undergraduate students must create. You also must complete an online ethics review survey and attach the certificate proving completion to your application (information is on page one of the application instructions). Your supervisor/course instructor will need to review your application (and answer questions about it you may have) and sign off on it before it can be sent to the departmental ethics committee. Currently the History Department's Ethic's Review Committee consists of Dr. Jeff Grischow ( and Dr. Susan Neylan (

Please contact members of this committee or your course instructor if you have any questions about this process.

updated November 04/13