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June 30, 2016

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WLS Petition

published: 13-May-2014 PDF (53kb) WLS_Petition_Form.pdf

The petition form above is for use by Graduate Students in the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. Non-seminary students should contact the FGPS for the appropriate appeals process. Undergraduate students should contact their faculty of study.

Prior to submitting a written request, students are advised to familiarize themselves with the academic calendar, and attempt to resolve any issues about course content or grades with the instructor.

The Seminary's Academic Administrative Committee (AAC)

  • Up to a one-term extension for coursework.
  • Transfer credit for coursework not used towards a previous degree.A course from previous enrolment (in either another program or another school) would be counted towards the current Seminary program's requirements.
  • Advanced standing for coursework used towards a previous degree.If approved, a required course would be replaced by another course.
  • Advanced standing within the program. Students with a strong background in theological understanding may not be required to take
  • Permission to remain in program after an unacceptable grade is earned.
  • Exemptions to course registration limitssuch as pre-requisites, enrolment limits, etc.

The Graduate Student Appeals Committee (GSAC)

To make a request outside of the AAC's scope, or to appeal a decision made by the AAC, you may submit a request to the Graduate Student Appeals Committee (GSAC). These requests may include:

  • An appeal of a decision previously issued by the AAC.
  • Extension to complete courseworkbeyond one term.
  • Extension of Degree Time Limits.
  • Leave of Absence.This type of leave is approved for students with valid reasons. Students in Seminary Master's programs are not required to maintain continuous registration. If you are taking a term off without specific supporting documentation or justifiable cause, please submit a Request to Withdraw from FGPSand check the "temporary" checkbox.

updated May 16/14