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June 26, 2016

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Request for a Midterm Exam Proctor - Faculty of Liberal Arts

Before requesting a midterm proctor, please consider producingtwo versions of your exam to eliminate the need of an empty seat between students.

Provisions for proctoring are made within the Instructional Assistant (IA) contract; therefore, your IA should be utilized whenever possible (rather than requesting a Proctor). Same can be said should a Graduate Student be assisting in your class.

Please note; if your class size is less than 80 students, you are not eligible for a proctor (unless extraordinary circumstancesexist).

Requests for a proctor must be received at least two weeks prior to the date of your midterm exam.

Are there more than 80 registered students in the class?*:
Do you have an Instructional Assistant and/or Graduate Student assisting with the class?*:

updated November 05/15