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April 23, 2014
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Request for Program Transfer (School of Business & Economics, BBTM, Kinesiology)

Step-by-Step Guide for Current Laurier Students:

Current Laurier students interested in the Business Diploma - use Program Selection Form

Applicants who are not Laurier Students - please follow this link to the Admissions Office

 View the online Undergraduate Academic Calendar to learn more about the program you wish to apply to transfer to:

Year 2 Honours Business Programs (Waterloo) BBTM (Brantford)

All Honours Economics Programs

Honours BA and BSc Kinesiology & Physical Education Programs

Complete this Request for Program Transfer (SBE, Kinesiology) form before May 1:

  1. Your application will be reviewed by the Committee. Decisions will be made on the basis of your final grade. Because your application cannot be reviewed until final grades and all documentation have been reviewed, you may not learn the outcome of your request until late August or early September. If you are taking courses during the summer to support your application, they should be completed during intersession for an earlier decision.
  2. Until a decision is made, you should proceed with course selection for your current program. If you are accepted into the program, space will be found for you in your required courses. 
  3. You will be notified once a decision has been made. If you have questions about transferring in the program or wish to check the status of your application, email

This form is to be used by current Laurier students wishing to apply to transfer into Honours Business Administration (BBA), Honours Bachelor of Business Technology Management (BBTM), all Honours Economics and Applied Economics programs (BA) or Kinesiology (BSc or BA) Programs.

The deadline for receipt of this form is May 1 for fall/winter entrance to these programs.

  • Transfer into BBA programs are September entry and first year or second year only (applicants who wish to be considered for any Business-related programs should not take any senior Business courses). A minimum overall and BU GPA of 9.00 (B+) is required for consideration. The final GPA required is dependent on available spaces in the program. Requests are considered by the committee during the summer months (end June, end July, first week of September), once all final grades have been received. You will receive notification on your LORIS account once a decision has been made.

  • Transferring into all Honours Economics programs is a competitive process and meeting minimum GPA requirements does not guarantee approval. You will receive notification via email once a decision has been made. If you have submitted a request for the BBA program, but wish to be considered for Honours Economics programs as an alternative, submit a second request form. Consideration for the Economics program combined with an option may be requested using a Program Selection Form, once approved for an honours Economics program in June/September.
  • Transfer into the Kinesiology & Physical Education program (BA or BSc) are September entry and Year 1 only.  If approved, you will retain previous successfully completed Laurier credits as electives. Requests will be considered by the committee upon completion of the current academic year. Transferring into the KPE program is a competitive process and space is extremely limited. Meeting minimum GPA requirements does not guarantee admission. You will need a minimum GPA of 9.0 (high 70s) to be considered for the KPE program, but higher grades may be necessary, depending on space availability and the number/calibre of applicants. You must also have the average and courses required of students entering the program from high school (i.e., an overall high school average of mid 80s, in addition to the required courses at the appropriate grades).You will receive notification via email once a decision has been made.

Transfer questions: Pat Young or Marilyn Watson

If you are submitting supporting third-party documentation:

Mailing Address:
Attention: Pat Young
Registrar's Office
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5

Drop Off Location: (Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)
Service Laurier
202 Regina Street, 2nd Floor
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