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June 29, 2016

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Supervised Pastoral Education - Bursary Request Form

published: 03-Sep-2013 †† PDF (150kb) †† WLS_MDiv_SPE_Bursary_Request_Form.pdf

Contextual Stream Master of Divinity students are required to complete one unit of Supervised Pastoral Education (SPE). The SPE unit can either be Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) for hospital/institutional settings or Pastoral Clinical Education (PCE) for counselling settings, normally in the Spring term of their second year. Thanks to the generousity of the Womenís Auxiliary, funds are raised to provide bursaries to MDiv students on SPE. Students may request a bursary once they have received their acceptance letter from their CPE site; a copy of this letter must be attached with this bursary request. Bursaries are not guaranteed. Should a bursary be granted, funds will be applied directly to the studentís WLU account. As always, students are responsible for the balance of their accounts. Students must also complete the Work/Education Placement Agreement Form before starting the SPE.

updated September 03/13