Make the Most Out of Residence

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Get Involved in Your First Year through Laurier's Residence Learning Communities and Clusters and Our First-Year Leadership Program

Residence on both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses will have full occupancy in September, including double occupancy dorm-style rooms. Laurier is prioritizing in-person programming throughout the fall term, while respecting public health guidelines. We’re working to make sure there are as many opportunities to connect as possible. Learn more about what residence will look like in the fall.

There are so many opportunities available to first-year residence students like you. Make the most out of your first year by getting involved – you’ll make a difference at Laurier and in the larger community, build skills, gain valuable experiences, grow personally and academically, and make new friends.

Many students who get involved in Laurier’s leadership programs, learning communities and learning clusters go on to become residence student staff and find leadership opportunities on campus, and in the broader Waterloo and Brantford communities.

All of Laurier’s residence experiences are focused on four learning goals:

  • life skills
  • academic curiosity and success
  • self-awareness
  • community integration and participation

Your Living Learning Program

If you want to meet new people with similar interests and expand your learning beyond the classroom, residence learning communities or learning clusters are for you!

As a member of a learning community or cluster, you’ll be placed in a themed residence with students who share your hobby or passion (including film and media; recreation and outdoor leadership; singing and songwriting; and women in leadership), or faculty, program or course (including Business and Economics, Science and Laurier-Sussex Law, and World War II in Eastern Europe).

You’ll be invited to exclusive programs and events tailored to your interests, including trips, socials, study groups, workshops and meet-and-greets with faculty and alumni.

Applications for Laurier’s Living Learning Programs are due by June 1.


“The Residence Learning Community has provided me with lots of academic support but also the opportunity to meet people and build relationships that I will carry on with me both in and outside of residence.”

Alex Wasik, second-year business administration student and future Residence Learning Community don

“I met one of my best friends through the Laurier-Sussex Law Learning Cluster and built an amazing friendship with her and other peers. The cluster allowed me and the other students to learn so much about ourselves academically and socially. We were able to help each other out with academics and encourage each other to reach our full potential.

“Our advisor was truly very caring and helpful to us throughout the whole year and always had our best interests in mind. I will always remember the Sussex Learning Cluster as a positive experience that was a safe space that helped me reach my goals in first year and allowed me to strive for more!”

Jiyoon Lee, second-year criminology student and future cluster advisor for the Laurier-Sussex Law Learning Cluster

Jiyoon Lee

First-Year Leadership Program

There are more than 300 leadership opportunities available for first-year students in residence and for Laurier Off-Campus University Students (LOCUS) on the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. There are many roles available, including a president, vice-president or as a representative of your building or floor, on a wide range of themed councils, including Arts Council, Community Outreach Council, Sustainability and Social Change Council and the Athletic and Wellness Council.

You will:

  • Meet like-minded students, grow both personally and professionally.
  • Make a difference with residence and LOCUS students and in the larger Waterloo or Brantford community.
  • Take part in a variety of events, such as fundraisers, workshops, field trips and competitions.
  • Earn a leadership certificate by completing a four-part workshop series (available to students living both in and outside of residence). 

You can still get involved in Laurier’s First-Year Leadership Program, even if you’re not living in residence. There are positions available for students living off-campus on many councils, such as the Sustainability Council, the Community Outreach Council and Art Hawks, as well as through the LOCUS House Council.

You can apply for leadership opportunities through Laurier's First-Year Leadership Program as soon as you move into residence.

Woman in front of Post House Residence

“These four leadership certificate workshops have really helped me broaden my scope and learn about different types of leaders. I became a leader through sports, but I got to meet a lot of people with different leading styles that I don’t have the opportunity to interact with every day and that was a great experience.”

John Fitzgerald, second-year business administration student and future residence don

“Before I joined the First-Year Leadership Program, I didn’t know anyone in my program. I only knew a few people from high school. The council socials helped me become more confident sharing my opinions and experiences with new people and I’m looking forward to building an even stronger community when school returns in-person.

“The First Year Leadership Program gave me the push I needed to succeed.”

Matilda Morrison, second-year psychology student and future off-campus advisor

Matilda Morrison