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Lecturing with LALL is a rewarding experience to share your knowledge with a full room of people who love learning for it's own sake. Our facilitators and instructors showcase academic excellence and are sourced from Laurier faculty and the wider off-campus Laurier community.

The goal of LALL is to have fun learning and grow Laurier’s learning community to new members. We encourage external instructors from other universities, and community members with specialized expertise apply!

Apply to Instruct


Why teach with LALL?

  • Classrooms are filled with engaged learners who love learning for its own sake
  • LALL courses have no exams or grading. Enjoy teaching lectures without assignments and grading.
  • The staff at Laurier Continuing Education will handle registration, marketing and logistics. All you have to do is teach something you love.
  • Instructors receive a stipend for each course taught.

Who can lecture for LALL?

We welcome academic and non-academic subject matter experts from all backgrounds. Including:

  • University professors, grad students, and PhD candidates
  • Industry experts
  • Workshop leaders
  • Artists and creatives
  • Business owners
  • And more!

We look for passionate and engaging instructors. Some teaching experience is preferred. If you have a subject you love teaching, please apply!

How to become an instructor with LALL

  1. If you have a course or subject in mind, fill out this course proposal form.

  2. If this is your first time proposing a course, please also send a CV/resume to to help us understand your expertise and teaching history.

  3. Before applying, feel free to browse our current lectures for examples of typical courses offered. This is just for inspiration, our learners are always excited to learn something new!