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This brief presentation for the Lifelong Learning at Home series will give viewers an overview of jails and detention centres in Ontario with special attention to those in and nearby the Region of Waterloo.  Participants will see what it's like inside these buildings and the function of various local correctional facilities.

Together with instructor Wayne Morris, you will learn of some of the problems faced in managing these facilities.

Lecture Video

Review the lecture transcript.

Further Reading and Resources


  • Correctional Theory: Context and ConsequencesFrancis T. Cullen & Cheryl L. Jonson | [Available on Amazon]

  • Canadian CorrectionsCurt T. Griffiths & Danielle J. Murdochs | [Available on Amazon]

About the Instructor

Wayne Morris worked his way through the ranks in Correctional Services in both Alberta and Ontario, finally being the Superintendent and managing a number of the facilities he will be discussing. Morris has also worked in another capacities in Corrections and has been in the academic community since 2003. Morris has been with the Criminology program at Laurier since 2013, having taught a wide variety of courses, specializing in the introduction to the criminal justice system and psychology of crime.

About Lifelong Learning at Home

Lifelong Learning at Home is a free weekly series featuring pre-recorded lectures from some well-known Laurier faculty and community experts. Visit the Lifelong Learning at Home section to explore other lectures and to find out more about this limited series offered by the Laurier Association for Lifelong Learning.

Lifelong Learning at Home was created to connect people through lifelong learning during this time of unprecedented challenges. Many Laurier students are experiencing significant financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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