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Oct. 30, 2018

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Social Psychology and North American Studies

According to previous research, people who have higher fear of being single (FOBS; Spielmann et al., 2013) may experience increased anxiety about time spent without a romantic partner. My undergraduate honours thesis project, A Year in Slow Motion: How People who are Fearful of Being Single Perceive 365 Days, explores the relationship between one’s fear of being single and perception of time as measured by subjective duration. The aim of this ongoing research is to determine if it is possible to attenuate one’s anxiety toward being single, to make periods of single life feel shorter and perhaps less daunting.

I am pleased to be working alongside doctoral student Sarah Wall on this project, under the supervision of Dr. Anne Wilson’s IMPETuS Lab in the social psychology department. It is my hope that our research can add to the growing body of research on romantic relationships, and perhaps yield some applications that will better people’s day-to-day lives.

The most exciting part of my thesis research thus far has been developing new manipulations to affect participants' experience of subjective time. I am hopeful that the manipulations I have developed will prove effective and reliable, and can contribute to future research in subjective duration.

My broad research interests generally pertain to health and wellbeing, including the role of personal and romantic relationships. As a double-major student in Psychology and North American Studies, I am particularly fascinated by research pertaining to the social, cultural and political identities within Canada, the United States and Mexico. Following my graduation in the Spring of 2019, I plan on continuing my research project through graduate studies.

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