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Being a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

PhD Student, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

I am currently finishing the second year of my PhD program under the supervision of Professor Lisa Keeping. My research interests lie in the realm of human resources. I primarily focus on investigating topics related to selection tools, which are used by employers to make hiring decisions, and performance appraisals, which are used as part of an organization’s performance management process. 

Previous research on performance appraisals has concentrated on improving performance appraisal accuracy by emphasizing rating criteria as well as rater errors. In an attempt to extend this line of research, I have begun to explore the underlying motivations that drive performance rating distortion and the mechanisms that are involved. I hope to extend this line of research throughout my doctoral studies. I am also currently working on a number of projects that will begin unearthing some of the mechanisms involved in selection tool effectiveness, specifically those relevant to the selection interview.

Much of the research on selection interviews to date focuses on increasing the validity of the selection tool and lessening the impact of impression management tactics on interview outcomes, but little research has investigated the underlying mechanisms operating throughout the selection process. I therefore hope to contribute to this domain of research by revealing some of the driving forces behind these selection tools. I have also begun to branch out into other realms, looking specifically at topics such as electronic employee recruitment and general mental ability.

The doctoral program in management at Laurier has provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in academia. The Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management faculty have supported me throughout my graduate program, and their continued commitment and guidance has allowed me to grow as a researcher. I hope that my research can contribute to the literature by deepening our understanding of how selection tools work to select optimal employees in a fair and unbiased way, and how performance appraisal ratings emerge.

In light of trying to bridge the research-practice gap, I also hope that my research helps to outline a way forward for human resources practitioners as well as those with employee performance management duties. By highlighting the processes that drive the outcomes of selection and performance appraisal processes, I aim to provide those working in industry with a glimpse into the inner workings of selection and performance appraisal processes.


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