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Jan. 8, 2019

Indigenous Peoples' Unequal Access to the Ontario Healthcare System

My project has developed my interest in the impacts and differences in community healthcare and healthcare services for the populations they serve. My exploration into determining how healthcare is delivered to Canadians brought up a major issue: Indigenous populations are not receiving adequate care, nor the same level of care provided to the general population. Most strikingly, Indigenous communities in Ontario are only 65% as likely to use specialist care when needed – even when controlled for socio-economic status and geographic isolation. One of the most pleasant surprises I found was that the Ontario Government was publishing its own findings in a similar vein, providing incredible insight into the current workings, issues and truths that these Indigenous communities face in accessing Ontario’s healthcare system. In the future, I believe determining the cofactors that go into perpetuating these conditions as well as determining the effectiveness of solutions put in place are an essential part in achieving equitable healthcare outcomes.

Through my research poster and presentation I hope that people would learn how drastic and real Indigenous Peoples’ unequal access to healthcare really is, and accept that there is a problem that must be solved. With this research project, I hope to inspire people to be aware of the faults and downfalls in our own country at providing healthcare services to portions of our population, allowing them to help address these issues. I also hope to show the Indigenous communities of Ontario that there are people who see their struggles and wish to work to raise awareness to create a better future for us all

Dennis Linn is a third-year student in Laurier's Health Sciences program. He completed a poster and research paper for HE 301: Social Determinants of Health under the supervision of Debbie Chaves (Science Librarian), Jordana Garbati (Teaching and Learning Writing Lab), and Laurie Jacklin (Health Sciences Professor), during the fall 2018 semester.

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