Research Sites and Projects


Laurier researchers from a range of disciplines work in Canada’s North at dozens of research sites ranging from northern Ontario to one of Canada’s northernmost lakes on Ellesmere Island. The largest concentration is in the Northwest Territories (NWT), where the government of the NWT and Laurier have a longstanding partnership.

Our most developed and highly trafficked research sites are the Scotty Creek Research Station, near Fort Simpson in the southwestern NWT, and Trail Valley Creek Research Station, within the Arctic Circle north of Inuvik. Another frequently used site is the Hoarfrost River Homestead, east of Yellowknife, which has been used as a base camp for various researchers for more than 30 years.

Some research sites have permanent infrastructure and equipment, while researchers employ mobile observation, monitoring and testing equipment at other sites.

At all sites, Laurier researchers work closely with the communities whose traditional land they are on.

Northern Research Sites by Region

map of northern research sites

Laurier researchers maintain a number of research sites throughout Canada's North. Explore the interactive map.

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