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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Our well-trained, fully qualified Beckett School at Laurier instructors offer lessons for students of all ages, at any skill level.

Rates are listed according to lesson time. Registration includes 36 lessons across four nine-week terms, unless stated otherwise. For information regarding the registration process and payment information, review Registration.


Lessons are available in trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone horn, euphonium and tuba. Small brass group classes are available and provide an enjoyable environment for players at a similar level to grow in both individual and ensemble practices and literature.


Clarinet and Saxophone

Clarinet/Saxophone private lessons are offered from beginner to advanced. Students learn to play all styles of music from classical to pop to jazz. Adults are especially welcome. Students can work towards the Royal Conservatory of Music exams and prepare for college/university auditions.


  • Danielle Beck: 30 min. ($254); 45 min. ($381); 60 min. ($508).
  • Larry Moser: 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392); 60 min. ($522).


The flute is classed as part of the woodwind family although the sound is produced in roughly the same manner as an organ pipe. This means the airstream splits over the back edge of the embouchure hole producing a sound that can be very mellow in the low register and more piercing in the upper register. The flute often plays slow beautiful haunting melodies but is equally capable of playing with virtuosic speed that can dazzle and amaze the listener.

Highly qualified teachers offer private lessons for students of all ages and levels of ability, on a wide variety of repertoire. Flute students can prepare for festivals, college and/or ensemble auditions, competitions, performances and Royal Conservatory of Music exams, or play for their own enjoyment and personal development.


  • Greg Stroh: 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392); 60 min. ($522). 
    • Flute, Piccolo and Recorder.
  • Laurel Swinden: eight weeks of 30 min. ($267); 45 min. ($401); 60 min. ($534). 





  • Magdalena Tomsinska: 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392); 60 min. ($522). 


The oboe is a beautiful woodwind instrument that is played with a double reed. Oboists are specialized musicians that not only learn musical techniques, but also the art of reed making. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable teacher on your journey to competence is so important! Private lessons will help students to set goals, build confidence, stay motivated, and learn quickly. There are many elements to consider when learning to play the oboe. Oboe lessons will focus on developing musicianship, a good embouchure, breath control, proper fingering, posture, tone quality, and reed making skills.




When the Beckett School opened in 1980, instruction in piano was the foundation of its program. Today, the school is widely recognized for the excellence of its piano teaching. Well-trained, fully qualified teachers offer lessons for students of all ages and levels. In recent years, instruction in jazz piano has been added. Studio activities feature preparation for exams, competitions, performances and auditions as well as ensembles.


Piano Facility Workshop

The goal of this session is to assist Laurier Faculty of Music students in attaining facility at the keyboard and enabling them to pass Laurier's keyboard facility exam. Using a methodical approach and suiting the individual needs of students, this will be accomplished through various assignments designed to build technique and sight-reading skills at the piano. The instructor will also help students learn a variety of repertoire. Laurier's keyboard facility exam is administered as part of this workshop. 


RSVP (Recorder, Singing, Violin and Piano)

For students who desire to sample a variety of musical possibilities. This wonderful introductory course is an opportunity for students, ages 7 to 10, to explore different areas of music. Students will be introduced to a variety of musical disciplines while continuing to grow their musicianship skills. The goal of this course is to introduce students to several different areas of music so they may choose the path that is the most engages them.

This 28-week course will be divided into four semesters with each semester devoted to a different area of study. Every seven weeks there will be a mini recital when the students can demonstrate the skills they have learned and at that time they are introduced to the next teacher and discipline. If you are interested in participating in this exciting course, contact us at 519.578.3640 or email

  • Term description: 28 weeks
  • Cost: $495
  • Ages: 7–10 year olds


Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass)


  • Alec Catherwood: eight-weeks of 30 min. ($318); 45 min. ($477); 60 min. ($636). 
  • Julia Dixon: 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392); 60 min. ($522). 
  • Jeffrey Enns: eight-weeks of 30 min. ($232); 45 min. ($348); 60 min. ($464).
  • Alex Gage: 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392); 60 min. ($522). 
  • Shane Guse: eight-weeks of 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392); 60 min. ($522). 
  • Mark Norris: 30 min. ($273); 45 min. ($410); 60 min. ($546). 
  • Michael Steinberg: 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392); 60 min. ($522).
  • Jung Tsai: 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392); 60 min. ($522).
  • Kenneth Kwan: 30 min. ($261); 45 min. ($392): 60 min. ($522). 
  • Ella Weber: 30 min. ($243); 45 min. ($365); 60 min. ($486). 

Improvisation for Strings

Improvisation can be learned through experience and practice. Using different musical styles from Folk and Bluegrass to Swing and Jazz, students gain an understanding of a variety of playing styles starting with simple melodies and moving towards the more complex chord structures. Lessons combine the creative and the technical in a way to make the art of improvisation more accessible to string players.


Suzuki Flute

Suzuki Flute students enjoy learning carefully graded repertoire through lessons, group musical activities, and guided listening. Parent-guided practice and at home listening supports students’ progress.

  • Format: eight-week terms, includes eight lessons and two group classes.
  • Duration and cost: 20 min. ($267); 30 min. ($389); 60 min. ($534). 
    • 20 min. lesson for students up to (and including) age 6.
    • 30 min. lesson for beginners 7 years and up or students in Book 2. 
    • 60 min. lesson for those in Book 3 and beyond.




Contact Us:

Beckett School at Laurier

T: 519.578.3640

Laurier location: 190 Lester St., Waterloo

South Kitchener location: 68 Biehn Dr., Kitchener


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