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Delores Maas

delores-maas.jpg"Participating in the Research Apprenticeship Program was a very enriching experience for me. Committing to live interviews while under lockdown restrictions was both problematic and a gift from isolation. It was an emotionally rewarding opportunity to hear from people who could share their childhood memories of contracting and living with Polio, and also speak to their adult experiences during COVID-19. I learned seniors can offer a wealth of knowledge and are much more flexible to change than I anticipated. I would recommend that other students challenge themselves by completing a research project to gain valuable research skills from beginning to end."

Megan Blair

Megan Blair"The Research Apprenticeship Program was an amazing opportunity that helped me to confirm my desire to attend graduate school, as well as prepare me for undertaking higher levels of research. It allowed me to work one-on-one with a professor and compile an original piece of research using archival material, which I was able to present to faculty and students and will continue to work on to present at an academic conference. My research on the Miss Canadian University pageant and protest re-affirmed my interest in Canadian women and gender history and has encouraged me to continue my studies and research in this area."

Mikayla Ferarro

mikayla-ferraro.jpg"Joining the Research Apprenticeship Program became more than just about writing a paper. This opportunity allowed me to explore complex topics in a more deep and meaningful way. Through the rigorous work over those eight months, I learned a lot about time management, discipline, and perseverance. With the help of my wonderful supervisor, I was able to grow as an individual and an academic and I will take these valuable lessons and hopefully one day apply them in my future graduate studies."

Olivia Feng

Olivia Feng"The Research Apprenticeship Program witnessed my greatest improvement during my university years. I graduated from Laurier’s Concurrent Education program in 2019 with a double major in Contemporary Studies and English. I was able to research on a topic that I had been wondering of with the support of the program and the close guidance from a professor. By undergoing this program, I have not only gained valuable research, writing, and presentation skills, it has also aided me in becoming a more studious learner. I urge any and all who may be interested to participate in this program."

Lauren Holmes

Lauren Holmes"My research apprenticeship entailed detailed research of two collections of postcards donated to the Royal Ontario Museum. The postcards were donated on the behalf of two former Canadian missionaries to Korea, Frances Bonwick and Elda Daniels Struthers. The literature and independent research was eye-opening and concluded that the Japanese government tried to show the outside world that Korea was backwards and ensured that under their control Korea could evolve into a modern dominion within Japan. The project truly showed me what it would be like to take on in-depth research in the future. I believe this opportunity has helped to prepare me for the master's degree I will pursue in September. For students looking to continue their studies at the graduate level, I highly recommended looking into participating in a research apprenticeship."

Amy Pattison

amy-pattison.jpg"Being able to participate in the Research Apprenticeship Program allowed me to explore working with different technology and mediums as well as helped to build my personal confidence. My experience in conducting research was eye opening to the amount of work that goes into each individual study. My research on Individual Education Plans will help me in my future career in education to help to accommodate all students in the classroom and realize the gaps that are present in public schools today. I will use the skills and experiences I have learned from my research apprenticeship to further my interest in conducting research and my future education."

Dalton Rawcliffe

Dalton Rawcliffe"I graduated from Laurier Brantford's History and Concurrent Education Program in 2016. My time as an undergraduate at Laurier was an amazing opportunity that has not only helped me create and foster long-lasting friendships, but also prepared me for a career in academia. Thanks to the Faculty of Liberal Arts' undergraduate research initiatives, I was able to attend and present my fourth-year research paper on Hong Kong's industrialization in the 1950s at a major international Asian history conference."

Shreya Shah

Shreya Shah"I graduated from Laurier's Health Administration program in 2018. During my final year, I had the opportunity to conduct research that was funded through the Research Apprenticeship Program. With the guidance of my mentor and the support from the program, I was able to further my understanding of the research process, network with people in my field of research, gain valuable and transferable skills, and further my education. I was able to present my research at an academic conference in London, UK, and it was an experience that I will never forget."

Sharyne Williams

Sharyne Williams"I am a third-year student doing a double major in Criminology and Human Rights and Human Diversity with an option in international development. During the winter semester of my third year, I joined the Research Apprenticeship Program as the managing editor for Bridges: An Undergraduate Journal of Contemporary Connections. Being the managing editor was such an amazing experience, as I was able to see the process of how an academic journal article is published, which prepares me to continue on to postgraduate studies."

Brendan Williams

Brendan Williams"I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to conduct my research apprenticeship during my fourth and final year of study in the Laurier’s History Program. For my topic, I conducted detailed research into the development of bilateral relations and economic ties between Canada and China during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Through detailed examination of the literature in this field and of news sources from both countries, I have concluded the significant importance of trade ties in the modern development of Sino-Canadian relations, as a pragmatic desire for economic engagement paved the way for developing diplomatic and cultural ties between both nations. The research I have partaken in has allowed me to greatly expand my understanding of modern Chinese and Canadian history and place current affairs in a historic context. I firmly believe my project has allowed me to gain valuable preparation for graduate studies and a future academic career I will pursue."

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