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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

As part of our effort to create and promote a culture of undergraduate research excellence on the Brantford campus, the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA) supports several annual research apprenticeships funded by the Race Family Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program.

Research apprenticeships allow an exceptionally qualified undergraduate student to work closely with a faculty member on a project of mutual interest. All Laurier Brantford students are eligible to apply.

Unlike a research assistantship, in which the student works for a faculty member on the faculty's project, an apprenticeship is a training and mentoring relationship in which the student’s research training is the most important factor.


The FLA senior administrative assistant to the dean will send a call for participation on behalf of the FLA associate dean and the coordinator of undergraduate research to all continuing Brantford faculty members and undergraduate students in the winter term (for summer/fall research apprenticeships) and one during the summer (for fall/winter research apprenticeships).

The Office of the Dean will collect requests from interested mentors and student recommendations before the beginning of the summer and fall terms.

The Fall/Winter 2021/2022 research apprenticeship application deadline is August 20, 2021. 

Selection of Participants

If there are more interested students than available spots, the dean will form a committee to choose the participants and match them with appropriate faculty mentors who have indicated interest. All selected mentors and students will be contacted by the Office of the Dean.

Note: Students cannot participate in the Research Apprenticeship Program more than once.


Once selected, the faculty mentor and student will be contacted by the administrative assistant to the dean and asked to submit a directed studies form with the course proposal. This process occurs before the beginning of the term in which the apprenticeship begins.

Directed Studies Form and Course Proposal

To receive the directed studies form with the course proposal, email the FLA senior administrative assistant, Tania Iezzi. The research apprenticeship is to be conducted over two terms but is worth 0.5 credits and that is the responsibility of the faculty member to identify an appropriate directed studies course in which to register the student. The student should register in the directed studies course in the second term of the apprenticeship (e.g. fall term for summer/fall apprenticeship, winter term for fall/winter apprenticeship) to ensure they will be graded on the entire apprenticeship.

The associate dean, in consultation with the coordinator of undergraduate research, will review the budget and course proposal before signing the directed studies form. If approved, the directed studies form and course proposal will be sent to Enrolment Services.

Research Apprenticeship Contract

If approved, the faculty member and student will complete a research apprenticeship contract, including a note that stipulates that the student agrees to spend an average of three hours per week on the apprenticeship (including independent work, research, meeting time, etc.). The student will also agree to make a poster board and individually present a version of the research project during the Brantford Student Research Week. The FLA may record and produce a promotional video based on the research presentations. The contract will also indicate that the student agrees to submit a version of the research to the undergraduate journal (Bridges) for consideration, although publication will not be guaranteed. Once completed, the research apprenticeship contract should be submitted to the coordinator of undergraduate research, care of the FLA senior administrative assistant, Tania Iezzi.

A list of the mentors/research apprentices will be available to the dean, associate dean, senior administrative assistant to the dean, coordinator of undergraduate research and senior administrative officer. At the beginning of the summer and fall terms, the coordinator of undergraduate research will host a research apprentice meet-and-greet/information session to outline expectations, answer questions, and provide information pertaining to expenses and undergraduate conferences.


Each student selected will receive an award worth $1,000, which the student can use to fund activities and materials related to the project, such as books, research equipment, travel to workshops and conferences, etc. 

To complete the award transfers to students’ accounts, the FLA senior administrative assistant, prior to the start of the summer and fall terms, will forward the list of approved students to the scholarship/awards officer. The scholarship/awards officer will transfer the $1,000 awards to the students’ Laurier accounts.

Research Apprenticeships

Megan Blair

Megan Blair

"The Research Apprenticeship Program was an amazing opportunity that helped me to confirm my desire to attend graduate school, as well as prepare me for undertaking higher levels of research."

Read Megan's Testimonial


Toxicity and Online Game Communities

  • Student: Celine Taillefer
  • Supervisor: Steve Wilcox

Supporting the Bisexual Community at Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Students: Kaylyn Heine and Gracie Markle
  • Supervisor: Cameron McKenzie

Anti-Black Racism, Social Media and Technology

  • Student: Jesse Gagnon
  • Supervisors: Sonia Meerai and Anh Ngo

Experiences of Racism in the BSW Program

  • Students: Sieara Miller and Hiva Nematollahi
  • Supervisor: Nuha Dwaikat-Shaer

Political Economy of Streaming Media

  • Student: Charles Owens
  • Supervisor: Ken Werbin

Use of AI and Predictive Analytics in Workplace Disability Management

  • Student: Sarah Bray
  • Supervisor: Josephine McMurray

Anti-Racism Content Analysis of Social Media

  • Student: Kelly Tarr
  • Supervisor: Anh Ngo and Sonia Meerai


One Generation’s Experiences of Quarantine in Two National Epidemics

  • Students:
    • Delores Maas
    • Lillia Dockree
    • Steve Parr
    • Tyler Britz
  • Supervisor: Tarah Brookfield


Money, Power and Politics

  • Student: Emmanuel Bimpong
  • Supervisor: Mark Davidson

The Relationships between Humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Student: Mikayla Ferraro
  • Supervisor: Abby Goodrum

Individual Education Plans: An Evaluation

  • Students: Alexis Knoop and Amy Pattison
  • Supervisor: Tarah Brookfield

Would Brantford Benefit from a Social Navigator Program?

  • Student: Jacob Poirier
  • Supervisor: Bob Basso

Municipal Responses to Gentrification

  • Student: Courtlynne Weaver-Thomas
  • Supervisor: Bob Basso


History of Chinese Immigration and English Language Education, 1900-1990

  • Student: Jia Ming Feng
  • Supervisor: Christina Han

Gender and the Art of Performance

  • Student: Erin McHarge
  • Supervisor: Michael Ackerman

Philosophy of Political Humour

  • Student: Rileigh Jackson
  • Supervisor: Charles Wells

Sino-Canada Relations, 1960s-1970s

  • Student: Brendan Williams
  • Supervisor: Christina Han


Miss Canadian University Pageants Controversy, 1960s-1970s: Research and Digital Exhibit

Exploring the Concept of Trust and Its Relationship to Acceptance and Adoption of Intelligent Assistive Devices amongst Older Adults

  • Student: Shreya Shah
  • Supervisor: Josephine McMurray

Colonial Korea through Postcards: Images, Commodities and Japanese Imperialism


Religious Education Strategies

#BeingRaced: Hearing the Voices of Racialized Students, Staff and Faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Students: Azka Choudhary, Paige Grant, Kate Harvey, Joey Lee
  • Supervisor: Vanessa Oliver

Picasso and Cultural Politics in Cold War East Asia

Scholarly Media Production and Research

  • Students: Christina Manocchio, Brittany Bennett, Sharyne Williams
  • Supervisor: Sue Ferguson

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